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How To Attract Your New Vet

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Generated by AI - Adobe Firefly. Cat following a trail of biscuits into a Cat CarrierHere are some tips to consider when writing your ad.

First Impressions Count:

  • Be brief, clear and to the point – keep the ad content under 800 words maximum;
  • Stand out from the crowd – include what makes your practice different;
  • Incorporate key words/sentences/section titles that stand out to the reader – we may use these in our app/smart phone compatible Job Search function.
  • Don’t use AI – it’s just not sophisticated enough yet to understand the ins & outs of our industry and will often include errors.

Know Your Target Audience:

  • Have an idea of who your ideal candidate is, who they are, what they want, their potential interests and what you can say to them to make them want to work for you, but be prepared to be flexible;
  • Be creative, engaging, personal, and totally focused on the needs and desires of your target audience – this is about appealing to applicants, not about what you want from the new vet;

Your Practice Description:

  • Approach this as a story – how did the business end up where it is today;
  • Describe the working environment in a friendly and welcoming manner;
  • Explain why your practice is different to others – sell the practice, team, location and job;
  • Be friendly, yet professional;
  • Include links to your social media as a picture paints a thousand words – when advertising with Kookaburra Vet Employment you can also send us up to twelve photos for a photo page, all inclusive in your advertising cost.

What The Applicant Wants to Know:

The point of an ad is not to lay out everything about the position on offer.  It is instead meant to attract attention from the sort of vet you want to work for you and interest them enough that they want to contact you for more information. So don’t tell them everything there is to know – whet their appetite for more as, if you can get them to contact you, that’s more than half the battle. Only offer enough information that the reader can pre-screen themselves.

Securing the Contact:

  • Include a salary or salary range as research shows this is a critical factor in the decision whether or not to contact you;
  • Offer a name and a variety of means of contact – practice phone, email, personal mobile, any of the social media private communication systems you use, etc;
  • Include potential career progression – let the vet know you are thinking of their future within the practice.
  • Demonstrate you are open to innovation and improvements.


Paula Strong
Kookaburra Veterinary Employment

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