Vet Practice Showcase: Top 3 Design Trends

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Trends can be tricky. Do you get on the bandwagon and risk looking out of step if everyone else moves on, or should you just keep it safe and go for something tried and tested?

We’ve done the hard work for you and picked out the most successful trends shaping the design of new veterinary practices. These popular design trends can help your practice to meet both your needs, and your clients’ needs, and will see you in style now and well into the future.

Here are our top three picks, and some great examples of these trends translated into reality in some of Elite’s recent vet clinic fitouts.
Making a good first impression.

Waiting rooms have seen a big change in recent times from a collection of plastic fold up chairs and a receptionist sectioned off behind a high counter in the corner to a more considered space to welcome clients.

Much more attention is being paid to the design of this important space to ensure clients start off their vet visit in a positive way. Waiting areas are now being designed to act more like a lobby, with attractive and comfortable seating, refreshment stations (for both pets and their owners), and often a retail section for some idle browsing while waiting.

Doing more with less:

While not necessarily a new trend, maximising the use of space will always be key. Even though you may have the room and budget to build a bigger practice, furnishing, maintaining and paying for more utilities in this larger space may put pressure on your business in the long term.

Smaller spaces can often be better – if they are designed well. This is particularly true with consulting rooms – they don’t need to be particularly big, and function most efficiently if everything is within easy reach.

The Natural Vets is just over 150sqm in size, but despite being on the smaller side, the clinic over-delivers on both form and function. With its specialised holistic approach to veterinary medicine, the practice’s overall aesthetic is calm, warm and positive – and this is evident throughout the clinic’s design, both in configuration and in visual selections.

Reedy Creek Vet definitely makes an impact with its expansive reception and waiting area. High ceilings, structural beams and concrete walls are a key feature of the reception area, delivering on the industrial-inspired design that is featured throughout the practice.

The matt finishes and monotone colour scheme are complemented by the glass-dominated walls of the waiting area, which allows plenty of natural light to stream into the space.

The practice’s ample natural lighting meant that the Elite team could take advantage of perimeter window positioning, creating both a sense of space, and a bright, ambient environment. In the consulting rooms, foldable examination tables were installed to make the smaller spaces work efficiently.

Injecting personality:

While décor featuring stark white walls and plenty of stainless steel looks nice and clean, it can also look too sterile and lack any personality.

Vet practice owners are increasingly looking to appeal to the personal taste of potential clients in the area and are designing their practices to suit. The options are endless and will vary greatly depending on your location and surrounding demographic.

Popular design trends of late include industrial (typically in urban areas), coastal chic (a fitting choice for tropical locales), and more classic décor (which can suit a number of locations and demographics).

Another way of adding personality without committing to a certain style is by adding pops of bright colour through seating and accessories that can easily be changed out if you want to update your décor.

The vision for the refurbishment of Racecourse Road Veterinary Hospital was to meet the clinic’s promise of treating your fur family “as if they are their own”, by delivering a space that is warm and inviting. Shades of blue and grey were used throughout the hospital, along with fresh white accents.

And light wooden flooring, providing a friendly and welcoming feel for clients.

The reception and waiting area feature brightly coloured chairs and cartoon-like animal prints to add a sense a fun to the space.

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