REM SYSTEMS – BD Infusion Pumps for the Veterinary Market.

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REM SYSTEMS is excited to announce that we will now be distributing BD infusion pumps for the veterinary market. The BD pumps offer medication and fluid delivery solutions, including pain management, oncology, parenteral nutrition, palliative care and specialty therapies. The two new pumps we will add to our portfolio include the BD BodyGuard™ T syringe pump and the Niki V4 infusion pump.

The Niki V4 is known and loved by many, due to its reliability for the delivery of fluids and medications. With Macro, Micro, 10-Steps, and TPN modes it enables most therapies with an easy to use interface and clear numerical LED display

The BodyGuard™ T is new to the veterinary market and is a small, lightweight ambulatory infusion pump offering flexibility and reliability. Effortless transition between hospital, clinic, and home care requirements is the core of the BD BodyGuard™ T syringe pump design. The BodyGuard™ T offers the safety features you would expect in larger syringe pumps, with the ability to deliver constant small volume drug delivery for treatments such as palliative care, tick and snake bite.

  • Small, lightweight, compact syringe pump for improved patient mobility and comfort
  • Syringe recognition of commonly used syringe brands (2 to 50ml)†
  • Powered by a 9V (6LR61) type battery
  • Three-point syringe detection feature, each with a displacement alarm
  • Volume detection and automatic calculation of infusion rate in ml/hr
  • Three levels of security access codes to help prevent accidental or unauthorised programme changes
  • Current infusion history can be viewed during infusion
  • Pump event log accessible via INFO MENU or downloaded to PC through BodyComm™ software
  • Comprehensive range of alerts / alarms with descriptive display
  • The lockable keypad helps prevent inadvertent key presses
  • A range of accessories as well as mount options that help enable patient safety and mobility
  • An interactive user interface with a large screen to facilitate easy programming for patients and veterinary professionals

Both pumps can be configured to most commonly used administration sets and syringes, leading to valuable cost reductions.

Ask about our CODAN IV lines for use with the Niki V4 or BodyGuard T. CODAN is a market leader in IV sets and accessories for infusion and transfusion therapy. Through the Codan brand, we offer a full range of IV sets and accessories for infusion. With a strong history of innovation and exceptional quality, this range ensures reliable, predictable, and precise infusion therapy for your patients.

For more information contact REM SYSTEMS today:

Phone: 02 9814 2000

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