Tax Rules for Working Holiday Makers

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News Flash imageAre you an employer of a Working Holiday Maker (visa subclass 417 or 462 holders)? If so, the way that you withhold tax has changed from 1st January 2017, and you have to register with the ATO. For more information, go to–working-holiday-makers/

The tax rate for Working holiday makers is now 15%.

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New Veterinary Mental Health Awareness Charity

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Veterinarians have established a charity to promote mental health awareness and change in the veterinary profession. Australian Veterinary Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention Ltd (a limited by guarantee company) was registered following the International Symposium on Veterinary Mental Health held in Brisbane in 2015. Brian MacErlean co-ordinator of the Onelife program in Western Australia and David Bartram presented the vetlife program in the UK and it became apparent that there was no structure addressing the problems Australia wide. Three veterinarians Drs Chris Doyle, Stephanie Zanatta and Peter Hatch made the decision to form a company to meet the need specific to Australian Veterinarians. The company (ACN 609 770 934)is independent, autonomous  and inclusive of all veterinarians. The company is not-for-profit and has met the requirements to be registered as a health promotion charity.

The company’s initial aims include:

(a)         promoting and supporting positive mental health and wellbeing

(b)        raising awareness of  the factors contributing to, poor mental health and suicide

(c)         promoting help seeking behaviours in relation to mental health and suicide prevention

(d)        raising awareness, promoting and developing skills and techniques to address mental health issues

(e)        developing and maintaining a database of resources and information relevant to mental health issues

(f)          promoting and encouraging further research and development into mental health issues within the veterinary profession, and

(g)         providing support and training to and establishing a network of support persons in order to provide personal support to those in the veterinary profession in relation to mental health and suicide prevention.


To achieve the aims and to exist into posterity the company plans to develop:

(a)    ongoing funding either from a benevolent sponsor or by applying for government grants,

(b)   A membership of veterinarians with an interest in promoting mental health within the profession and prepared to be actively involved in promoting activities including accepting responsibility for organising presentation (education and awareness) nights.

(c)    In the future a group of veterinarians (including retired) prepared to undertake appropriate skills training and accept the responsibility to provide telephone support to distressed veterinarians in need.

Membership is free to any veterinarian who is prepared to make a commitment to (b) or (c ) above. Members are prepared to guarantee a contribution of $10 should liabilities at any time exceed the company’s financial resources.

As a listed health promotion charity one of the benefits is becoming a deductable gift recipient in May 2016. All donations are tax deductable. Please Email the secretary at for bank details or post cheques to PO Box 1450, Wodonga VIC 3689.

For more information contact the secretary by Email or ring 0401 268135.

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2016 Salary Survey Results

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Kookaburra_Logo_transparent_stackedSome of the most common questions that we get asked at Kookaburra Vets relate to Salary levels. Thanks to all the vets who participated in our survey – the more vets who reply, the more useful this information is. We hope that in future years more of you will take the small amount of time required to complete our survey. We asked for full time annual salary range not including Super.

Minimum pay rates and conditions are set in the Animal Care and Veterinary Services Award, which you can find using Google, or at


( as of 8th April 2016 – 255 Respondents)


Locum Rates

Hourly rates for locums and casual vets. There was no statistical difference between vets working in mixed, equine and small animal practice. Rates below $30 an hour were excluded as likely to be permanent part time rates.

Total Number of Responses       79
Average rate (mean)                     $53.40
Minimum                                           $33
Maximum                                          $75
Median                                               $55

Small Animal Practice



Mixed Practice



Equine Practice



Male vs Female Salaries



Future Plans



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8th April 2016


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Salary Survey 2016

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Kookaburra Vet Employment Salary Survey

Some of the most common questions that we get asked at Kookaburra Vets relate to Salary levels. We’d appreciate if you would help us collect some up to date information by completing this short anonymous survey, if you are a veterinarian currently working in Australia.

Complete Salary Survey Now

The results will be available on request from Kookaburra Vets, however, if you wish to provide us with your email address at the end of the survey, we will also email you a copy. Thank you for your help.

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