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Attract and retain your vets by having the ability to offer flexible working. They can increase their income by working from home and you can increase your practice income by being able to provide your clients with an easy to use online video appointment, when a trip to the practice is either not necessary, or not easily accessible.

What can Medechat do for your clients?

Pet owners will appreciate having access to low cost professional advice from their regular vet, who knows their pets background and any current conditions or medications. They simply book a consultation time that suits them through the Medechat booking widget on your website. These are times that are set by you that suit your vets and your practice and payment is taken immediately at the conclusion of the consultation.

What can Medechat do for your vets?

Your vets will appreciate the flexibility of being able to work from home at times that suit them with safer after-hours services if you provide them. They simply join the consultation at the booked time and examine the pet during the video chat. A video consultation can never replace a hands-on examination of an ill or injured pet, but it can be useful for assessing remote patients, triage after hours as well as behaviour, skin and post-surgery consultations. Your vet would then complete a treatment plan that can be imported directly into your CMS. It may be an initial consultation that requires a follow up visit to the clinic which can then be organised.

What can Medechat do for your practice?

You’ll appreciate the increase in income from consultations on-line and in-clinic and the low entry cost of the Medechat platform. Keep your clients asking your vets for advice rather than Dr Google or an online service that doesn’t know their pets background or current conditions or medications. The cost of the consultation can be offset if an in-clinic examination is then required. You control the whole process with as many available appointment times as you wish and payments are made immediately at the conclusion of the consultation. Clients enter their credit card details securely when they register for an appointment so you know you are paid straight away.

Happy vets make happy pets.

If you’re serious about improving the mental health and wellbeing of your vets whilst making your practice more profitable, find out how Medechat can revolutionise the way you work today.

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