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VetPrac workshops for veterinarians 2020VetPrac workshops for veterinarians 2020VetPrac workshops for veterinarians 2020VetPrac workshops for veterinarians 2020


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VetPrac is where you go to learn and master the skills you need to be a great veterinarian.

VetPrac is a leader in practical skills education to the veterinary community in Australasia. We bring innovative educational opportunities to the professional community, building confidence and competence. With our high quality training resources and access to ground-breaking technologies we are passionate about helping the veterinary profession grow and prosper.

Our training method:

  • 2-3 day “hands-on” training workshops with interactive lectures by experienced and highly qualified specialists
  • Small intimate groups with a high tutor-to-attendee ratio
  • Courses and workshops designed by vets for vets with the realities of practice in mind
  • Social dinners and adjacent activities such as massages included in the workshop price
  • We provide a nurturing environment in which to practice surgicacl skills without compromising patient health
  • Participants have access to new resources, equipment and technologies as provided by our training partners
  • We build social and professional relationships between clinicians, specialists, universities, and industry providers.

Bridge the gap between learning and doing with VetPrac. We provide practical skills for practical vets.

We know every veterinarian has talent and intellect. At a VetPrac workshop you set yourself apart. You discover what your hands can do, when applying the knowledge you learned in university, a webinar or conference to the real situation.

At VetPrac you have the time to discover, without the stress of clients waiting or the expectations of employers. Specialists and tutors guide you through the process and give you the time to work out what works best for you.

We offer an established selection of fundamental surgical workshops throughout the year as well as customised training for large groups on request.


“This was a well-targeted surgical workshop revising a series of procedures that can be done in general practice. Labs were great and lecture style enjoyable. Food and social events were really well organised, relaxed and made this a special event. Thank you.” Anon

 “Freakin brilliant. Even though I had done most of the procedures the amount of tips and tricks I got from the amazing instructors was invaluable.” Dr. Candice Loft

 “This workshop was the most amazing CE I have attended. The people there and the knowledge presented just blew my mind! The prac sessions were great and very hands-on, which made learning for me so much easier.” Dr. Alanna Harth

 “Extremely practical application of theories taught. Loved Charles, Tania, Kat and Abbie’s awesome tips. I leant so many things over the past 3 days and can’t wait to put it into realife life practice.” Dr. Anne Graham

“Educational, practical, friendly, encouraging, very positive experience. Enthusiasm +++ Great theory & practical components. Great lineup of educators & great support staff who made all aspects run smoothly. All involved adapted to make everything work and be delivered as advised – great course with the amount of content covered and took questions as the workshop progressed.” Dr Lynne Falconer (RSPCA Qld)

 “Reasonably comprehensive and focussed enough to do the technique. Challenging at times but worthwhile. Provided a variety of information to improve handling of cruciate disease, not just the one technique.” Dr Richard Bishop  (Alice Springs Vet Hospital)

 “This TPLO course has been well prepared, presented and executed. The hands-on approach and instructors were terrific – all being very helpful and wanting us to improve our skills and technique. It exceeded my expectations!” Dr Jason Lenord (Balmain Vet)

 “Brian’s instruction is clear, concise and practical. With the lessons from this workshop combined with my background knowledge in orthopedics, I can definitely move forward with confidence in performing TPLOs. Thank you!” Dr Waylon Wiseman (Greater Springfield Vets)


Review by: Michael


I have been fortunate to attend 2 Vetprac programs (cardiac ultrasound and dentistry). I found both courses to be educational, informative and intimate. After both programs I felt stronger and more competent in the respective topics.
Both courses had what I considered to be the perfect balance between theory and practical learning. I highly recommend the vet prac programs to anyone wanting to expand their knowledge and expertise in various disciplines.

Review by: gravet


Having attended one Vetprac workshop, and had my associates attend another 3 workshops, we all agree that they all have been excellent learning experiences, and a lot of fun, and have all been delivered by passionate & motivated lecturers & tutors. Congratulations to the Vetprac team.

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Attended the TTA workshop run by VetPrac back in 2012. One of the most rewarding workshops I have ever been to. Contents covered was relevant to general practice. The speaker did a great job and kept the group engaged throughout the two-day workshop. There was a team of very helpful tutors to assist us during the practical class.

In between lectures, the food and social events were fantastic. My favourite parts were probably the live band that was playing during one of our lunches and the free massage service we were all treated to! I cannot recommend Vet Prac enough and I’m looking forward to attending other workshops by Vet Prac in future.

Dr. Ryan Leong, BVSc

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