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Radincon is a specialist diagnostic imaging supplier to veterinary, chiropractic and medical markets in Australia and overseas.

We provide imaging solutions including digital x-ray systems, CR and DR, PACS servers, viewing software and review workstations. We have a range of quality x-ray hardware, full systems, portables and mobiles plus all radiographic supplies, consumables and accessories. Ultrasound hardware and accessories complete the package. We have full applications training, education and support for all our products. Our product range covers all things x-ray and leading medical imaging technology to make us the choice in all Australian imaging distributors.

We distribute many products exclusively and those we have developed and manufacture ourselves. Service and maintenance are available from our network of field engineers across Australia and New Zealand. Imaging IT support is available by remote access to almost any quality digital system with web access.

 Most Popular New Products – 2018

Cannon RAD-X DR CX3A – Mobile DR

  • Canon high resolution wireless panels – best image quality
  • Highly optimised imaging processing algorithms – best image quality
  • RAD-X CXDI NE acquistion software – intuitive – easy to use
  • Full commercial wireless access point (WAP) – greater range console to panel
  • DICOM calibrated medical review monitor – better viewing
  • Built in diagnostic viewing software – Merge eFilm Workstation V4.2

Cannon RAD-X DR CX4A – In clinic DR

This new product is designed for in clinic use. It has the same panels and aquisition software as the CX3A above. For wireless connection it utilises the panel as an access point. This is built into an all in one PC with a 24” touchscreen monitor. There are options for viewing and storage software. Step into the upper end of DR flat panel imaging.

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