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Pet-Mat™ is the latest, most economical carbon fibre technology pad for providing heating for veterinary surgeons to help pets under surgery retain their body temperature when under anaesthesia and also for post operative surgery during recovery.

Pet-Mat can be kept surgically clean, is fully washable and sanitized to prevent cross infection, but most importantly, it does not present an electric hazard on the operating table where sharp instruments and scalpels are used.

Pet-Mat is extremely slimline, flat, waterproof, durable, hardwearing and flexible.
Pet-Mat also has a built in thermal cut off so it won’t overheat and runs on a low voltage system – economical to run and no danger of electrifications.

Flexible heating units
A new company – Dale Ecotech Pty Ltd – was created to manage the affairs of Pet-Mat, which is patented, and also to market carbon-based flexible heating units for manufacturers who wish to use the same technology in other applications.


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Pet-Mats are also suitable for arthritic, aged or sick pets, especially in winter, where the different principal than other heating mats in that heat is transferred to the part of the body which is in contact with the mat. As a result, the heat is self regulating.  Heat is efficiently transmitted as it is not wasted in heating up cold air space.

Gone are the days of the old-fashioned electric blankets, which are all powered using dangerous high voltages, cannot be washed, usually have to be continuously placed on the pets by their owners, and become soiled in no time.

Pet-Mats™ are available to buy online and can be shipped all over the world. Please contact us Today!

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Pet-Mat Australia


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