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Equine Veterinary & Dental Services

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Equine Veterinary and Dental Services is a small but dynamic company committed to the welfare of horses and equine veterinarians.

Because we have performed equine dentistry professionally for over 2 decades, we know what vets want and we pride ourselves in helping vets enjoy doing equine dentistry to a high standard.

The way in which we do this is;

  1. Offering basic and advanced training workshops.
  2. Lecturing in equine dentistry throughout Australia .
  3. Distributing equine dental instruments including the “vet only” POWER FLOAT.
  4. Designing and innovation of equine dentistry instruments making dentistry easier, faster and more effective.
  5. Design, ownership and distribution of the PORTA-SAFE-STOCKS – a mobile horse stocks and vet work station,. We have made and sold over 65 Porta- Safe -Stocks to date for Australian vets.

We have a friendly and professional team who are always ready to assist veterinarians.

Porta Safe Stocks

Born out of necessity and sourced from ideas from vets and horse owners worldwide, the Porta Safe Stocks have been developed by veterinary surgeon Dr Oliver Liyou and his creative brother Shawn. It answers the need for a safer and better way to perform a variety of equine veterinary and husbandry procedures. Porta Safe Stocks increases the safety, efficiency and versatility of common procedures, and represents a true revolution in the professional care and treatment of horses.

No more risky business of wrestling with animals! Using Porta Safe Stocks, horse stress levels are minimised, allowing a faster, yet more accurate and thorough procedure, while safety for both horse and handlers has been given top priority.

The feedback from clients who have experienced the ease of using Porta Safe Stocks has been phenomenal. For them, the Porta Safe Stocks has become an indispensable tool, allowing treatments and procedures on a regular basis that would not be otherwise possible.
If you truly are looking for the best care for your horse, the Porta Safe Stocks are a must.


Email:  vets@evds.net.au
Web:    www.evds.net.au

Review by: wenvet


I think the Porta Safe Stocks are by far the greatest improvement in equine practice that I have seen since graduation in the 1970s. I cannot believe the number of times over the years I have had cracked ribs from being kicked as well as multiple other injuries. The trailer and attached crush make equine practice convenient and safe for the veterinarian, the owner and the horse. It has made my work safer and much more efficient. The clients are seriously impressed when you turn up with your own crush!
Assoc Prof Gary Wilson BVSc MVSc MACVSc Cert Teaching
Consultant to the University of Queensland

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