Infectious helps our customers transform their tired uniforms into a comfortable branded uniform solution!

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At Infectious we know what a tough and demanding job it can be working with animals and their owners.

We know that you want to be comfortable and look professional at the same time and we hear that many practice managers find it too hard to source the right uniform that makes all members of their team happy.

We understand that it’s a big task, with so many options, suppliers and people to please.

Let Infectious make it easy for you!

The expert Infectious sales team will recommend the most suitable scrubs for your long days working with animals. Scrubs that are cool & comfortable and fabric that resists pet hair sticking to them. We know our Vets and Vet nurses love scrubs with lots of pockets to keep your essentials like pens, thermometers or pheromone spray. You might also want to consider wearing a lab coat over the top of your scrubs for added protection depending on your requirements and the type of animals you work with.

We find many of our veterinary customers love wearing printed scrubs in their vet practices. There are many different print designs that feature animals in the pattern which animal lovers really warm to. Prints are a great way to change your look and bring some fun to your practice and increase team moral and culture.

The goal of Infectious Clothing is to take the hassle out of choosing what’s right for you and your team. We do this by guiding you through the whole process and providing solutions that will give you the right look and make your team proud to wear your uniforms.

Our experts at Infectious have a simple 3-point plan to get you on your way to a new look.

Simple Uniform Solution Plan:

  1. Free uniform review
  2. Samples and ranges for fittings
  3. Ordering and delivery though our custom uniform management system

With the expert guidance of Infectious Clothing your existing uniforms will be transformed into a coordinated and branded uniform solution that your team will be proud to wear.

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