iM3 introduces ACE – The Advanced Centre for Education

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This state-of-the-art facility was built to promote engaging education.

Specifically designed for teaching & advancing veterinary dentistry.

The iM3 Advanced Centre for Education (ACE) strives to help veterinarians and nurses become highly skilled and component in the practice of veterinary dentistry.

iM3, has long recognised the limited amount of significant dental education available and has tried to bridge that gap. Over the years, iM3 has increasingly supported courses that provide post-graduate and specialist dental training. Trying to meet requests for more frequent, diverse, and larger capacity courses identified a need for a more advanced facility.

Most veterinary dental courses take place in spaces built or designed for other activities. The ACE was designed specifically to work for teaching veterinary dentistry first and foremost. Veterinary dentistry is a fast-expanding field, and the upskilling of veterinary professionals is essential to provide the care that people now expect for their pets, as well as to allow practices to remain competitive.

The home of iM3 ACE is a state-of-the-art, purpose-built, clinical training facility with a large flexible wet lab, technology-enhanced lecture room, and multi-functional space for catering and breakout sessions.

The ACE facilities allow attendees to simulate dental procedures from prophylaxis to advanced endodontics using the latest, most advanced ergonomically designed equipment and instruments. iM3’s support of continuing education will continue to enhance the skill sets of veterinary professionals throughout the world.

Our clinical facility is fully equipped with iM3 exclusive veterinary dental equipment, including 10 high-end dental units, two dental X-ray stations, 10 display screens, ergonomically designed height adjustable Shona tables, saddle chairs and the latest ergo designed dental hand instruments with multiple sizes for different sized hands. Advanced equipment such as rotary endodontic motors, composites materials and curing lights enable veterinarians to learn more advanced techniques like crown reductions. Piezosurgery units are also available upon request. We have the equipment and the means to support all levels of veterinary dental education.

The new ACE facility caters to groups of up to 20 delegates and event management, including logistics, catering, and equipment coordination.

It was our goal to build a centre where dental procedures could be taught and be realistically simulated, and where vets and nurses could become familiar with using everything from the most basic dental equipment and instruments to the more advanced innovations. We can support courses guiding entry-level dental practitioners right up to the most advanced level of training.

iM3 Advanced Centre for Education offers immersive, realistic, practical workshops where veterinary professionals can learn, develop, and master essential skills. Along with practising new skills, delegates can trial the latest dental equipment and technology. Our training programs are conducted by industry-leading training providers, and qualified iM3 staff are there to assist with laboratory and equipment needs, ensuring a high-quality, rich experience.

Our first dental wetlab in our new training facility in Sydney was a great success! The surgical dentistry for cats and dogs workshop, together with CVE program, was held over 2 days with 20 Vets in attendance

If you have any interest in attending a lab in 2022, please contact iM3.⁠

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