Heating pads utilising new & advanced technology of positive temperature of coefficient heating.

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The maintaining of the body temperature is very important during and after anesthesia. 100% of patients get cold during anesthesia.

Hypothermia is one of the most important components of a trauma. It is important to maintain the body temperature between 38 and 39C. Using the Pet-Mat to gently contribute in warming the patient, during and after anesthesia is simple but essential. The smaller the animal the more they will be effected by hypothermia, including rodents and birds.

Consequences of hypothermia include:

  • Difficultly in waking up
  • Risk of shock
  • In the long term, risk of heart problems, risk of renal insufficiency etc
  • Risk of death


Pet-Mats are used by veterinary surgeons to help pets under surgery to retain their body temperature when under anaesthesia and also for post operative surgery during recovery. The product can be kept surgically clean, is fully washable and sanitized to prevent cross infection, but most importantly, it does not present an electric hazard on the operating table where sharp instruments and scalpels are used.

Pet-Mats are also suitable for arthritic, aged or sick pets, especially in winter, as a contact heat mat. The heat is self regulating. Heat is efficiently transmitted directly to the part of the body which is in contact with the mat, unlike other heating utilities which generate heat to heat up cold air space.

No adjustable thermostat is necessary as the design of the Pet-Mat is made to attain a temperature of between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius whether it is covered or not. However there is a built in thermostat which will not allow the Pet-Mat temperature to exceed 48 degrees Celsius.

The Pet-Mat works on the dynamics of heat transfer. This means the Pet-Mat will maintain a temperature slightly warm to the touch until contact is made. The area in contact will warm up comfortably due to heat dynamics.


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