VetTalk Communication Online Workshop

23/07/2019 @ 8:00 pm – 9:45 pm
0414 581 600
VetTalk Communication Online Workshop @ Online

While communication is often regarded as a secondary skill in the veterinary industry, we feel it’s just as important and is essential in day to day veterinary practice.

It can be difficult to know the right thing to say when confronted by a difficult or unhappy client. The impact a bad situation can have on our mental health can be immense. Good communication leads to better health outcomes for our patients via improved diagnosis, reduced medical errors, better compliance, and excellent adherence. Satisfied clients lead to practice success, greater job satisfaction in the healthcare team, less work-related stress and reduced burnout. Clients that have been communicated with effectively are less likely to lodge formal complaints. No one is born with excellent communication skills, we develop them along with all our other talents. The theory behind good communication can be learnt and practised. Verbal communication makes up only 7% of our communication skills in life, the remainder is made up of nonverbal communication and tone of voice. So how do we master this skill in the clinic? How do we maximise our interactions to give us the best possible outcomes? This online course will explore the different areas within the veterinary practice we can use and improve our communication.

Every Monday night over the 7 weeks of this course you will join your fellow participants online for a live classroom session with Dr Sandra Nguyen. Online reading and homework buddies will help you to work through the content whilst you engage in your busy lives. Your power to communicate will make you the most effective veterinarian you can be.

Educational Leader/s:

  • Dr Sandra Nguyen

You will revise:

  • General Communication Techniques
  • A better understanding of clients needs
  • Communicating effectively within the health care team
  • How to recognise and approach compassion fatigue

You will develop skills in:

  • How to read body language
  • The meaning and methods of informed decision making
  • How to achieve better client compliance
  • The art of delivering bad news

7 Weeks Online- 23rd July – August 3rd 2019

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