Respiratory Failure

23/04/2019 all-day
Centre for Veterinary Education
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Respiratory Failure @ TimeOnline

Respiratory failure results when the respiratory system is unable to maintain oxygenation and/or eliminate carbon dioxide.

Typical disease processes include tick paralysis, snake envenomation, tetrodotoxicity, aspiration pneumonia, pulmonary contusions, near drowning, acute respiratory distress syndrome and neurological disease.

This course will cover the physiology behind and interpretation of blood gases, diagnosis of respiratory failure, types of ventilators, essential theory of mechanical ventilation, complications of mechanical ventilation and appropriate supportive care of the ventilated patient – critical knowledge required to manage patients with respiratory failure.

This course is highly relevant for clinicians managing severe tick paralysis patients or clinicians who simply want a better understanding of blood gases and mechanical ventilation.


Duana McBride
Ryan Ong

By successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to interpret a blood gas and how to evaluate arterial oxygenation status
  • Understand indications for and theory of using a critical care ventilator
  • Understand how to manage the ventilated patient including monitoring, supportive care and weaning of the ventilated patient as well as trouble shooting problems such as
    hypoxemia or hypercapnoea
  • Understand and plan for the supportive care that a ventilated patient requires including interventions like basic physiotherapy, nutritional support, airway support and nursing care. Complications like volutrauma and barotraumas are also discussed including means to avoid these complications.

CPD Points:10

TimeOnline: Tuesday 23 April – Monday 20 May 2019
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