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06/04/2020 all-day
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Pet rabbits and rodents are presenting to veterinary practitioners in ever increasing numbers.

As the numbers climb, so too does the general public’s expectations that veterinarians can provide these unique species with excellent veterinary care. The pet rabbit and rodent patient can provide unique challenges that set them apart from the more common canine and feline medicine disciplines.

This course aims to provide the practitioner with a general overview of rabbit, guinea pig, rat and mouse veterinary medicine. Beginning with the basics in rabbit and rodent biology, the course will then explore clinical anatomy and physiology, husbandry, nutrition, preventative health, handling, restraint, clinical procedures, therapeutics, anaesthesia and common problems in rabbit and rodent health.


  • David Vella

CPD points: 10

By successfully completing this course, you will be:

  • Knowledgeable about biology, clinical anatomy and physiology, husbandry, nutrition and preventative health of rabbits and rodents
  • Confident about handling, restraint, physical examination, clinical techniques and general anaesthesia of rabbits and rodents
  • Confident in approaching pet rabbit and rodent patients and be able to formulate a measured diagnostic and therapeutic methodology to their common problems

TimeOnline – Delivered Online
Monday 6 April – Sunday 3 May 2020

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