Principles & Practice of Anaesthesia & Pain Management – TUESDAY NIGHTS

10/11/2020 all-day
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Principles & Practice of Anaesthesia & Pain Management – TUESDAY NIGHTS @ Online

Join Margie for a six week online skill building, confidence boosting practical approach to anaesthesia and pain management.

Broaden your understanding and practical knowledge of how to manage a wide range of patients. Dr McEwen will explore the options for pain management and how they affect our canine and feline patients. Better equip yourself to recognise the positive and negative changes so you can effectively and efficiently alert other members of the animal care team if needed.

Even monitoring an anaesthetic can be worrisome at times, especially when the patient is not that six month old in for a routine spey. Gain a better understanding in how you can monitor, adapt and overcome some aspects of the more challenging scenarios that patients bring to an anaesthetic. From geriatric pets to brachycephalic breeds and felines. Register today and have a direct impact on the quality of care you can bring to your team.

Education Leaders:

  • Dr Margie McEwen

You will revise:

  • Week 1 Anaesthesia & Analgesia for the Geriatric Animal
  • Week 2 Optimising Your Use Of Opioids
  • Week 3 Clear The Confusion On Constant Rate Infusions
  • Week 4 Maximise your Monitoring skills: Anaesthesia
  • Week 5 Managing Your Brachy Breeds: Anaesthesia And Pain Relief
  • Week 6 Foundations For Feline Anaesthesia

You will develop skills in:

  • How to recognise anaesthetic complications
  • Pain physiology, cover opioid drug pharmacology
  • Evaluating a CRI program and how it targets the pain for your patients
  • A wholistic approach to monitoring a patient under anaesthesia
  • How to manage the challenging “healthy” anaesthetic
  • How to manage some of the unique feline complications
  • And so much more…

Nov 10th – Dec 15th 2020, Online Tuesday Nights

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