Practical Skills Bootcamp

08/11/2018 – 10/11/2018 all-day
Charles Sturt University
Wagga Wagga NSW
0414 581 600
Practical Skills Bootcamp @ Charles Sturt University

Feel a little overwhelmed by having all the responsibility of running a hospital and making life and death decisions that can save or ruin a life?

You know you have a pretty good memory and know all the important stuff, but HOW do you implement it in the clinical setting? This is the workshop for you. Specifically designed for vets who are new, need an update or are returning to practice after hiatus – this workshop will get you fit for the job. We spoke to lots of people, and this is the nuts and bolts of practicing that will get you through the day smiling. Along with surgical skills we will have communication and meditation topics to balance out each day. We’ll work you hard and give you the support to get you to where you need to be to do the job confidently and competently.

You will revise:

  • Abdominal surgery basics
  • Client Communication
  • Exploratory laparotomy
  • Intestinal biopsy
  • lymph node biopsy
  • Enterotomy
  • Intestinal anastomosis
  • GDV
  • Gastrotomy
  • Cystostomy
  • Emergency and critical care
  • Splenectomy
  • IV catheters
  • Thoracocentesis
  • Nasogastric Tube placemewnt
  • Blood cross typing
  • Bandaging Practice
  • Dental anatomy
  • Dental Charting
  • Communicating the costs of elective surgical care

You will develop skills in :

  • Stabilising and preparing for abdominal surgery
  • Liver biopsy
  • Pancreatic biopsy
  • Enterectomy
  • Liver Lobectomy
  • Gastropexy
  • Partial gastrectomy
  • Serosal patching
  • Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair
  • CPR training
  • Emergency stabilising techniques
  • Tracheostomy
  • Urinary Catheters in Bitches
  • Oesophagostomy and Pharyngostomy Tubes
  • Snake Bite management
  • Paededontics and development
  • Dental nerve blocks
  • Gum Flaps and suturing
  • Canine Extractions
  • Carnassial Extractions
  • Client Communication in Emergencies


  • Dr Christine Hawke
  • Dr Ellie Leister
  • Dr Tania Banks
  • Abdominal Surgery:
  • Dr Tania Banks, Dr Peter Young,
  • Dr Ryan Leong
  • Emergency and Critical Care:
  • Dr Ellie Leister, Dr Adrian Simon,
  • Dr Vickie Saye


  • Dr Christine Hawke, Dr Tara Cashman,
  • Dr Geraldine Gorman

Nov 8th-10th 2018, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga

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