Diagnostic Imaging: Thoracic Distance Education

01/02/2020 all-day
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Diagnostic Imaging: Thoracic Distance Education @ Online

Improve your diagnostic skills and avoid common mistakes in thoracic diagnosis.

Thoracic radiography is one of the most useful clinical tests undertaken in clinical practice and yet one of the most frequently cited areas of confusion.

This course aims to increase your ability to take optimal thoracic radiographs and to interpret them confidently. The modules focus on radiographic interpretation, with incorporation of complementary imaging modalities, particularly CT and sonography, to assist in explanations of the radiographic pathological patterns present.

Dogs, cats and exotics are all discussed with tutor -written notes, case studies, self-assessed quizzes and individual feedback enhancing the application of your learning. Make the most of the online forum to ask questions and share cases. Get to know your tutor and colleagues at the one-day face to face workshop.


  • Robert Nicoll

CPD points: 135

Diagnostic Imaging Program

This course is part of our year-long Diagnostic Imaging Program which has been broken down into 3 more manageable parts: Abdominal, Musculoskeletal and Thoracic Imaging.

Each is a discrete unit on its own but together they form a formidable Imaging educational program. The introductory imaging module^ is completed only once when you enrol in the first unit; units may be completed in any order.

The other units are:

  • Musculoskeletal Imaging with Sarah Davies, commencing May 2020
  • Abdominal Imaging with Zoe Lenard, commencing August 2019

By successfully completing this course, you will:

  • Improve your radiological knowledge and expertise as it applies to radiography of thoracic structures
  • Develop a greater understanding of the radiographic manifestations of pathological processes involving the cardiac and respiratory systems
  • Improve your ability to evaluate radiographic changes that involve the mediastinal structures and the pleural space
  • Understand when complementary imaging studies such as sonography and CT are useful for the diagnosis and management of systemic and cardiothoracic diseases

Distance Education – Delivered Online
Saturday 1 February – Sunday 31 May 2020

1-Day Workshop, Date TBA

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