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Many dermatoses in dogs and cats are recurrent, and effective management can be difficult and provide great frustration to both owners and veterinarians.

This course is designed to cover the most common range of dermatological problems faced in general practice in both dogs and cats, and reinforce a practical logical problem-orientated approach to skin disease.

A common tendency is to reach for blanket symptomatic treatments as one of the first options, without too much consideration of the most likely underlying diseases or other more guided treatment options. Following a logical diagnostic approach to disease, even when potential for diagnostic testing is limited, will often guide more effective case management; and this course aims to give many practical tips on how to achieve this. A range of case examples will be individually worked through, to reinforce the theory and tips provided.


  • Linda Vogelnest

CPD Points: 10

After successful completion of this course, you will:

  • Have a better understanding of a logical diagnostic approach to skin disease
  • Know many diagnostic tips useful for working towards a clear diagnosis or at least narrowing down likely diagnoses
  • Know when to suspect and how to definitively diagnose the more common pruritic skin diseases
  • Know when to suspect and how to definitively diagnose the more common immune-mediated skin diseases
  • Have a broad understanding of the common causes of alopecia of haircoat disorders not associated with pruritus
  • Cover a range of management options for pruritic, immune-mediated diseases, and some of the alopecic skin diseases.

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Monday 2 – Sunday 29 November 2020

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