Canine and Feline Emergency Medicine

24/02/2020 all-day
Massy University
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Canine and Feline Emergency Medicine @ Online

Experience a thorough yet practical study of Canine and Feline Emergency Medicine offered in Massey University’s Master of Veterinary Medicine Programme (MVM).


  • Janelle Wierenga
  • Ivayla Yozova

During the course you will learn how to approach the majority of emergencies seen in dogs and cats, how to perform rapid, effective stabilisation and how to plan and execute an efficient and rational diagnostic strategy. In short, it aims to teach you the essentials of how to be an effective emergency veterinarian.

15 Credit

What will you learn:

  • To proficiently perform triage and major body system assessment
  • To stabilise the emergency patient, with or without a tentative diagnosis
  • A problem-oriented approach to the common emergencies seen in clinical practice
  • To utilise cost-effective diagnostic strategies in the acutely ill or traumatised patient
  • To establish vascular access, instigate fluid therapy, pain relief and other aspects of supportive care
  • To perceptively monitor the emergency patient and how to predict and react to commonly occurring complications
  • To communicate with owners regarding the prognosis and the management options available for the care of canine and feline emergency patients.

Please note: Courses are revised following each offering. Details of content, assessment and cost are subject to change between offerings.

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