Applied Veterinary Epidemiology

22/07/2020 all-day
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Applied Veterinary Epidemiology @ Online

This single semester course focuses on how to design and manage an epidemiologic study so as to generate evidence to inform evidence based medicine and policy. Throughout the course participants apply the concepts learnt in the 118.785 Epidemiologic Principles to ‘real’ world problems.

In doing so participants will learn about the tradeoffs that must be made when balancing what is optimal with what is feasible. The course will draw heavily on examples from a range of animal species and, where appropriate, human medicine. Participants will also be encouraged to bring examples and problems from their own work. (Successful completion of 118.785 is required prior to enrolment in 118.786.)


  • Naomi Cogger

Please note: Courses are revised following each offering. Details of content and assessment are subject to change between offerings.

On this course you will learn:

  • To design an epidemiologic study design that provides high quality information while still being feasible.
  • Develop the skills to confidently manage the practical issues of running a epidemiologic study including construction of a sampling frame, sample size calculations and design of a questionnaire.
  • How to conduct an epidemiological investigation of a disease outbreak.

How the course works:

Applied veterinary epidemiology is one of the MVM courses for postgraduate veterinarians which is taught online via distance learning and led by a recognised international expert in the field.

The course is supported by the latest research, reviews and case material to challenge veterinarians with in-depth, relevant continuing education. Course materials include a printed guide to your reading and assessment which integrates online learning activities such as discussions, quizzes, lessons, library searches, critical evaluation and exercises for self-assessment with reading materials and personal study tasks.

15 Credit

  • Online Course: Starts 20 July 2020 to end 16 February 2021
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