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There is a  useful resource for vets produced by the Department of Agriculture and Australia’s Animal Health Laboratory.

The EAD field guide provides information on important emergency animal diseases that either are rare or do not exist in Australia, to help vets include appropriate EADs in their differential diagnoses. Early identification and reporting is critical to minimise harm and to identify currently high risk exotic diseases such as African Swine Fever.


There is also information on the Outbreak website about emerging diseases for vets to watch out for – which may be particularly useful for vets who are travelling Australia performing locum work, or who graduated overseas.

  1. Hendra Virus
  2. Ehrlichia canis
    A ban on the inter-state movement of dogs is currently being considered in an effort to reduce the spread of Ehrlichia canis in Australia. Please raise public awareness about the importance of checking for and treating ticks. More than a third of all dogs in some remote Top End communities have died after being infected.


Wendy Nathan
Kookaburra Veterinary Employment

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