DLC Australia – Are you setting up a new animal clinic?

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Or perhaps the time has come to upgrade your veterinary hospital?

DLC Logo Here at DLC Australia, we help veterinarians provide outstanding animal care.

We supply the right tools and equipment that are essential for optimal performance and outcomes. Our extensive range includes reputable brands such as Shor-Line, Atomscope, Fire CR, ASA Laser and more. Whether you require laser therapy systems, radiography equipment or even consumables – We can help!

DLC Australia is continually sourcing new and innovative products, such as CR and DR digital systems, underwater rehabilitation treadmills and our NEW hydration product ORALADE.


Established in 1976, for over 40 years we have built a reputation on customer satisfaction by providing a fast and reliable service. Stocking quality products backed up by professional, reliable and friendly service.




With a growing demand for online ordering and customer self-service, DLC Australia took the initiative to put into place an online ordering system for the public and an extensive online ordering system for our valued veterinary clients called WebOnline. This 21st century service (DLC WebOnline) will offer our clients a complete 24/7 online service, including ordering, account management, stock availability, pricing, access to our extensive online catalogue and much more, all housed in a secure online environment. We believe our clients deserve the convenience and flexibility that DLC WebOnline will offer.

As one of Australia’s leading veterinary suppliers we are well stocked, competitively priced and readily available to assist you with your enquiries!


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CASSINS – Thinking of updating or upgrading your practice rooms?

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Your worries about the stress and hassle of veterinary interior construction and fit out will be a thing of the past. Cassins offer complete end-to-end project management. We don’t treat veterinary interior design the same way as medical design; it requires different considerations and custom-designed rooms just for pets, including grooming, washing, boarding and exercise areas. So, whether you’re seeking interior design for a small veterinary practice, or a large animal hospital, we have a highly experience team you can trust to get it done right – the first time, on time and on budget.

Cassin Design & Construct

When it comes to redesigning, refurbishing, relocating or refitting your veterinary practice, Cassins brings a combined 60 plus years of experience to your project to deliver quality custom design and construction solutions.

We’ll keep your project on budget, on time and on brief with our range of professional services:

REFURBISHMENT: There’s no need to close your practice while our expert team at gives your clinic a quality makeover. Whether you’re looking to refurbish a single exam room, your reception area or your entire practice, our team of experienced specialists will carefully work around you and your patients with minimal interruption to your daily routine – and cash flow.

RELOCATION: If not managed well, relocating your practice can be a stressful and expensive experience. That’s why you need to call in Cassins. We’ll manage your relocation budget, salvage materials from your existing practice and help you leap any obstacles that arise.

DESIGN & BUDGET: We’re here to help you from the very beginning. Whether you’re simply seeking information or are ready to get started designing your new practice, you can count on Cassins to save you money, time and energy through every step of the process.


Cassin Design & Construct


SITE ASSESSMENT: Whether you’re planning an extension, seeking to relocate to new premises or considering a new-build clinic, our team is on hand to provide a professional inspection of your site. This will ensure you don’t run into any nasty, unexpected surprises which threaten to blow your budget. Call in Cassins to ensure your peace of mind.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: With our end-to-end project management service, you can rest assured that we’ll look after all the details of your fit out to deliver a smooth, stress-free process so you can concentrate on what you do best without draining your time, resources and energy on an inefficient build.

Our friendly team is standing by to answer all your questions, so please contact us today.


Unit 7/6 Anella Ave, Castle Hill NSW 2154
Tel:        1300 122 774


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VetLife Australia – Reducing Workplace Stress

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Dear Fellow Veterinarians,

The AVA should be commended for promoting the Mental Health First Aid courses and incorporating mental health education into the National Conference. TJ Heath first commented on veterinarians mental 20 years ago and Dr Helen Fairnie reported suicide and other indicators of poor mental health in veterinarians 12 years ago. Hatch et al published the largest study of mental health of veterinarians six years ago in the AVJ. These reports were peer reviewed and published in the AVJ. Researchgate reports the paper of Hatch et al detailing mental states has been cited 36 times worldwide and downloaded 213 times. This demonstrates the worldwide interest in the topic of mentation in veterinarians. Hatch et al are soon to publish another paper detailing the stressors reported by veterinarians.

The Mental Health First Aid ( promoted by the AVA) course aims to train individual veterinarians in skills to recognize others struggling with issues and encourage them to seek help and may have an impact on the suicide rate.

As reported six years ago in excess of 30% of veterinarians suffer stress, some level of depression or are suffering burnout. Workplace stress is a precursor for depression and the direct cause of burnout. Reducing workplace stress is both an individual and a management responsibility.

Feedback from a presentation I made on behalf of the charity at the Rural Veterinarians Assoc. conference in Robe indicated that it was informative, increased awareness and the information was personally relevant. This encouraged colleagues to seek more information. This feedback indicated the ongoing need for further similar presentations to be made available to all veterinarians.

It is now the intention of the charity to run an interactive seminar workshop (Pathway to a Positive Veterinary Life). This has been scheduled for February 2018 in South Australia (the dates and location to be advised). Detail of the program is on the website at

It is essential to register your interest as soon as practicable. You can email us at to enable finalisation of the date and location. You can also email us if you would like additional information. It would also be appreciated if veterinarians in other areas email their expressions of interest so that we can advance the schedule of events for 2018.

The health promotion charity, Australian Veterinary Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention Ltd is reliant on support in the way of donations to continue and expand to fulfil its mission, You can find the bank account details to contribute by clicking on donate on the website

All the best for 2018

The Directors (Peter Hatch, Chris Doyle and Stephanie Zanatta)
Peter Hatch, Secretary

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Radincon: We’re a specialised diagnostic imaging supplier to the Veterinary market in Australia and overseas.

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Radincon LogoRadincon – We provide imaging solutions including digital x-ray systems, CR and DR, PACS servers, viewing software and review workstations.

We have a range of quality x-ray hardware, full systems, portables and mobiles plus all radiographic supplies, consumables and accessories. Ultrasound hardware and accessories complete the range. We have full applications training, education and support for all our products. Our product range covers all things x-ray and leading medical imaging technology to make us the choice in Australian imaging distributors. We distribute many products exclusively and those we have developed and manufacture ourselves. Service and maintenance are available from our network of field engineers across Australia and New Zealand. Imaging IT support is available by remote access to almost any quality digital system with web access.




Radincon’s History:

The company was established in 1979 by Reg Black. Reg formed the company after a long career with the Royal Australian Navy and then the Royal Australian Air Force including overseas posting with the RAAF. As a chief radiographer, CPO in the Navy and Commissioned Officer in the RAAF over many years much experience and a unique skill set was accumulated.




Visit our Website for our full products list:

Contact us today on: 1300 721 734

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VetPrac – STOP! Have you planned your CPD for 2018?

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Introducing VetPrac 2018 Workshops – Practical Skills for Practical Vets

Browse the workshops you want to attend and send us an email so we can put you on our VIP list:

Visit our 2018 workshops


Summer 2017/18:

Vetsupport (online)
Ophthalmology Gatton
How high achievers succeed and keep succeeding (online)
Stifle surgery and Ossability Gatton

Autumn 2018:

Vettalk (online)
Ossability stifle system and cruciate rehabilitation dry lab Melbourne
Abdominal ultrasound Melbourne
Rabbit surgery and dentistry workshop Wagga Wagga
Vetsupport (online)
How high achievers succeed and keep succeeding (online)

Winter 2018:

Feline surgery and dentistry Wagga Wagga
Hip and hindlimb fractures Gatton
Exit strategies for vet business owners Brisbane
How to buy a vet business Brisbane
VetPracInterventional radiology for residents and specialists Melbourne
Perineal surgery workshop Gatton
Vettalk (online)
How high achievers succeed and keep succeeding (online)

Spring 2018:

Navigating difficult cases and clients – conference Sydney
Abdominal ultrasound Melbourne
Stifle surgery and ossability TTA Roseworthy, SA
Exit strategies for vet business owners Sydney
How to buy a vet business Sydney
How high achievers succeed and keep succeeding


– Written by Cathy Warburton at MakeHeadway

Develop Healthy Relationships:

Tend your relationship garden, Consider peoples iceberg, Actively constructively respond, Listen, Enlarge your support network, Have a positive influence on the people in your life.

Nurture Positive Emotions:

Keep fuel in your tank – nutrition, exercise, sleep, Actively counteract your negativity bias, CLING on to your positive emotions, learn, have fun, give, be grateful and grow your resources, Enjoy the little things in life, Celebrate successes big and small, Cultivate a growth mindset – compare yourself to yourself in the past, not to others.

Recognise your Accomplishments:

Use systems and foster healthy habits, Set and work towards goals, Be self-compassionate, Create step-wise, incremental change.


 Practice Engaging and Disengaging:

Use and build on your strengths, Enjoy an absorbing hobby and the flow it provides, Foster engagement by managing demands,the ones others put on you and the ones you put on yourself, Build your personal resources eg. optimism or resilience, Actively grow your job resources.

Understand Resilience and Negative Emotions:

Appreciate that your inner critic is trying to keep you safe, Grow your self-awareness – hear your physical and mental cues, Be mindful and present, Accept what can’t change, Develop sustainable coping strategies, Choose not to tell stories which add to your pain

Create Meaning:

Use your finite time and energy to do what matters, Consider your values when decision making, Find meaning in more than one place, Craft your job/life to live in an authentic, personally congruent manner

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