Apscan – Our Chison EC06 Vet Colour Ultrasound

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Apscan ECO6 VET


The CHISON ECO6 VET offers lots of advanced capabilities in this small package, specially engineered for veterinary imaging in both small animals and large animals.


Apscan ECO6 VETIt is a more advanced and a more powerful veterinary ultrasound system for every species and every application, whether in the clinics or outdoor.



  • Excellent, easy to operate, cost effective choice for large and small animal colour ultrasound
  • Offers a streamlined workflow, small and large animal calculation packages, and a slim lightweight (6.5kg) design
  • 12″ LED High Resolution Screen with 180° viewing angle and 30° movement (one key to Full Screen Mode)
  • PW and CW mode for high velocity detection
  • CPA and DPD mode for good color sensitivity
  • Triplex (B, colour and PW together) for efficient diagnosis
  • Internal battery standard – 2.5hrs
  • Optional carry bag and keyboard cover available



ECO6 Vet



Innovative CHISON micro convex probe can cover both abdomen and cardiac diagnosis with outstanding performance and professional CW function like phrased array probe but costs less 50% budget.





ECO6 Vet



Triplex Mode: Combine B, colour and PW together, very convenient for small animal examination, a perfect solution for small animal’s quick breathing and rapid organ movement, help to catch the doppler sptectrum easily!


Wide range of applications:

  • Smaller footprint , easy to target whole body
  • Ergonomic design, release from scanning fatigue
  • Higher frequency, obtain near filed image
  • Lower weight, easy to carry, easy to scan
  • Dedicated linear-rectal probe for large animal’s reproduction
  • Black color for durable usage, easy to clean
  • Ultra-long cable to keep the system for the safe distance


ECO6 Vet

Apscan Logo

Contact Apscan today for your ECO6 VET!

Tel:       02 9516 4422

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A major advancement in tooth extraction brought to you by iM3!

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The Vet-Tome improves the tooth removal process for both vets and their patients by providing greater control during extractions.

The Vet-Tome is an automated periotome that offers extremely precise tooth extraction with minimal or no alveolar bone loss. The surgery is often flapless so the animal experiences reduced pain and swelling. This translates to less time spent extracting teeth and faster recovery time for the animal. Normal evaluation and closure of the alveolus may still be required after extraction.


iM3 Vet-Tome


iM3 is excited to launch the new Vet-Tome, an automated periotome with foot pedal operation that offers precise tooth extraction with minimal or no alveolar bone loss and less trauma. The electric Vet-Tome uses replaceable ultra-thin stainless steel tips/blades coupled with the mechanical in and out action generated by the handpiece to cut the periodontal ligament similar to a luxator (hand instrument). The mechanical action and thin flexible blade allows easy insertion into the periodontal ligament (PDL) and alveolus (tooth socket) coupled with the side to side movement by the operator cutting the PDL.

The Vet-Tome will not work for periodontal ligaments that are mineralized, i.e. it won’t go through mineral/bone, but it does an excellent job on the canine teeth (and others) which can be very hard, especially lower cat canine teeth which can lead to jaw fracture. The Vet-Tome is not a replacement for good extraction technique and flap preparation but certainly a must have for any veterinary clinic preforming routine extractions.

Vet-TomeVET-TOME Benefits:

  • Less trauma to the patient
  • Speeds up the procedure
  • May eliminate or reduce the need to remove buccal bone
  • Allows work in tighter spaces
  • Cuts paths for luxators and winged elevators
  • Decreases hand fatigue

The iM3 Vet-Tome offers a paradigm shift in the way we, as veterinarians, extract teeth in our patients.

V2000 Vet-Tome extraction system

  • V2000 Vet-Tome extraction system
  • Complete with 2 standard and 2 heavy S/S tips.
  • V2001 Vet-Tome standard flat tip – V1(5 pack) 37mm long
  • The Vet-Tome standard flat tip is a thin blade designed to follow (bend and curve) the tooth root and cut the periodontal Ligament.
  • V2002 Vet-Tome Heavy tip – V2 (5 pack) 40mm long

See the video of Vet-Tome in use:

The Vet-Tome heavy tip is thicker and slightly longer than the standard tip (V2001) designed to be more robust and therefore last longer. The disadvantage of the heavy tip is it does not bend and curve and should only be used on straight tooth roots.




Today, I operated on a 4kg PoodleX with two retained upper deciduous canine teeth. Both teeth were complete with no resorption of the roots. Total time per tooth from gum incision to removal of the tooth – 4 & 1/2 minutes per tooth, I used setting 2 and went very carefully, and with practice will become more competent and confident. The key benefits are intra-operative time saving for the surgeon and the reduction in trauma to the patient. I would recommend this machine to every practice owner.”               – Greg Mahon B.V.Sc., B.Vet.Biol. Mountain View Veterinary Surgery

Get your Vet-Tome today – Contact iM3 Pty Ltd:

Tel: +61 2 9420 5766
Fax: +61 2 9420 5677

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AAS – Veterinary Anaesthesia Equipment Specialists

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Advanced Anaesthesia Specialists (AAS) has developed the Darvall brand of veterinary anaesthesia equipment and supplies including warming blankets, zero dead space (ZDS) breathing masks, veterinary laryngoscopes and heated and non-heated breathing circuits.

AASDarvall products focus on improving anaesthesia efficiency, reducing hypothermia (particularly in small animals) and improving waste gas management with veterinary, clinical research and wildlife patients.

We are the No. 1 supplier of equipment to the veterinary industry in Australia, we’re anaesthesia specialists, we provide specialist customer service, technical support and biomedical service from qualified engineers.


For over 15 years Advanced Anaesthesia Specialists (AAS) has been developing an international reputation with novel solutions for long standing problems in veterinary anaesthesia. It’s Darvall branded products focus on improving anaesthesia efficiency, reducing hypothermia and improving waste gas management for clinical, research and wildlife applications.


By Vets for Vets

Founded by Dr. Colin Dunlop, with operations in Australia, the US, UK and China – the Advanced Anaesthesia Specialists’ team has an extensive background in veterinary anaesthesia, engineering, animal safety, and technical services.


Contact AAS Today!

Tel: 02 9808 1844

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iM3 – Our new generation Dental Mat

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Introducing your new, must have, Veterinary Dental accessory. The Dental Mat from iM3.




  • Drains liquids and chemicals away from the animals headiM3-dental-mat-in-use
  • Comfort for the animal
  • Surface to place instruments
  • Machine washable, max temp 60 Deg C
  • Re-usable 50 -100 times, recyclable
  • Size 30 x 40cm
  • Order code M1001




Designed by iM3

iM3 Dental Mat



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DLC Australia – Are you setting up a new animal clinic?

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Or perhaps the time has come to upgrade your veterinary hospital?

DLC Logo Here at DLC Australia, we help veterinarians provide outstanding animal care.

We supply the right tools and equipment that are essential for optimal performance and outcomes. Our extensive range includes reputable brands such as Shor-Line, Atomscope, Fire CR, ASA Laser and more. Whether you require laser therapy systems, radiography equipment or even consumables – We can help!

DLC Australia is continually sourcing new and innovative products, such as CR and DR digital systems, underwater rehabilitation treadmills and our NEW hydration product ORALADE.


Established in 1976, for over 40 years we have built a reputation on customer satisfaction by providing a fast and reliable service. Stocking quality products backed up by professional, reliable and friendly service.




With a growing demand for online ordering and customer self-service, DLC Australia took the initiative to put into place an online ordering system for the public and an extensive online ordering system for our valued veterinary clients called WebOnline. This 21st century service (DLC WebOnline) will offer our clients a complete 24/7 online service, including ordering, account management, stock availability, pricing, access to our extensive online catalogue and much more, all housed in a secure online environment. We believe our clients deserve the convenience and flexibility that DLC WebOnline will offer.

As one of Australia’s leading veterinary suppliers we are well stocked, competitively priced and readily available to assist you with your enquiries!


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