VETLINKSQL introduces integrated mobile app for inventory management

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Handles stock ordering, stock takes, stock transfer and automatic order confirmation

Let’s face it, “Stock on Hand” is money tied up that is not in your Bank Account, and “Stock Not on Hand” are missed Sales Opportunities. Stock management for multi-branch clinics, as well as Large Animal and Equine Practices for per-vehicle stock management can reap huge rewards in terms of efficiency and increased cash flow. Our FREE* fully integrated Stocklink App will allow you to create Purchase Orders, Perform Stock Takes, and Update Automatic Orders generated from within VETLINKSQL’s seasonal min/max logic (which, by the way, can be updated based on previous years’ sales) . Search manually, scan barcodes using the in-built camera, or use a companion miniature Bluetooth laser barcode scanner to achieve perfect inventory.


Stock Ordering

Incredibly easy to use. Sync data from VETLINKSQL and then there is no further need for an internet connection as you walk around the clinic, the warehouse, or go off to check Vehicles out in the carpark! Simply search for items, or easier still, scan barcodes using the in-built camera or a miniature Bluetooth scanner and enter the quantity required. The screen will assist and show the product Class icon, current Stock on Hand, the appropriate month’s (seasonal) min/max estimate together with pricing and pack size and/or units. Simply enter or increment quantities required. Recurring scans will show last scanned entry so you may update requirements. Once finalised, syncing back will produce multiple Purchase Orders in VETLINKSQL for all Suppliers in one go. Any products without a designated supplier will go to a single Casual Purchase Order, where one is able to right-click items and transfer to an existing or new order. The latter is an advanced VETLINKSQL feature and can be useful for certain items where you may not have a favoured supplier, and may wish to “shop-around” for best pricing or stock availability each time.
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Stock Transfers

The Stock Transfer function is designed to handle stock transfers between inventory “Stores”. Depending on how you have configured VETLINKSQL, it can be used to transfer stock between branch locations, intra-branch (if you have different inventory points within a branch), and between “stores” that are designated Vet and / or Sales Rep vehicles. Simply select a “From” and a “To” store, and start selecting products by searching and /or scanning using the built-in camera or a miniature Bluetooth scanner. Typical uses include scanning products from Head Office to branch clinics, from one branch clinic to another, from a clinic to a vehicle, and finally, between vehicles as Vets or Sale Reps exchange and / or swap inventory.

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Tip: To make staff compliant, the process has to be simple. This is our recommendation. Place a Tablet such as an iPad on the wall where stock is taken out, or at the pharmacy window. Default the “From” store in the App to the Warehouse / Pharmacy (or equivalent), and then have the miniature barcode scanner handy. Users simply select their store, scan items they are taking out and then select “Transfer”. Done!

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Stock Take

We expect that most Practices will use this App to manage stock levels. Performing a Stock-Take using this App is very simple, yet with sophisticated feature sets. Firstly, a Stock-Take “sheet” is generated within VETLINKSQL so the user or manager is able to decide if they are doing a full stock-take or a category or bin location only. Then, they just decide if one person alone is going to do a stock-take or a number of people are going to do it concurrently. This way the App can have locked cells and multiple simultaneous stock counting can be managed. Data display is also of significance and assists the user to manage accurate stock levels – which of course means that the Automatic Order function in VETLINKSQL can then be used with confidence. If you still decide not to fully trust your automatic orders, we have something else…read on…
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Automatic Order Confirmation

Once an Automatic Order has been generated in VETLINKSQL using current stock-on-hand values and desired minimum trigger levels to achieve the seasonal maximum, the Order can be loaded into this App. You can then “walk the shelves”, scan items, and adjust the recommendation(s). The Order can then be transferred back to VETLINKSQL and then submitted electronically to our integrated wholesalers, awaiting automated importation of invoices to make the entire inventory management process seamless with automatic inventory and price updates.

Full Audit Trail

All stock transfer transaction logs are fully auditable and can be found under each product’s stock tab in VETLINKSQL. Management Reports are also available to track stock movement.

*We recommend an Apple iPad for running this App. Note that there is also an Android version available on Google Play and we highly recommended newer “name brand” portrait devices such as Samsung and LG. If in doubt please contact CFL for Android device recommendations as we cannot guarantee all makes and models to work perfectly.

VetlinkSQL logoFor more information contact Deven Patel

PH: (Aus) 1800 811 546  MOB: +64 21 512 149


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Pet Professional Insurance – A comprehensive range of business insurance products with options tailored to you, it’s easy to get and with stress free claims!

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Every business faces its own particular risks – that’s why we offer a tailored cover to suit business needs of those in the pet industry, no matter how big or small. Our Pet Industry Business Insurance can provide peace of mind for business owners who want to financially protect their businesses, their premises and also their personal income.

Pet Professional


Veterinary Practices:

Financial protection against allegations of management misconduct or legislative breaches, plus professional indemnity, and business insurance to take care of material damage losses. These are all important considerations for managing risk in a vet practice.

Pet Professional



Trainer/ Behaviourists:

Insurance is vital when dealing with potentially badly behaving, unpredictable and even aggressive animals as you are responsible for the safety of the animals and for their actions whilst they are in your care.

Pet Professional


Dog & Cat Breeders:

Dog and Cat breeders face a number of financial risks and having cover such as public liability is important to protect your business. Our insurance can be tailored to suit your particular business needs.

Pet Professional


Kennels & Catteries:

Clients have very high expectations when they trust you to take care of their pets. Insurance can help ensure that your care is never compromised, and your business is secure.

Pet Professional


Sitters, Boarding & Day Carers:

It’s a great responsibility to take care of other people’s pets. You not only need to care for the pet, but are also responsible for pet behaviour in public – and you may also be responsible for a client’s home and possessions.

Pet Professional



Retail & E-tail:

Your pet business is an important asset that needs to be secured. We provide insurance for your premises and contents as well public liability cover.
Let us help you tailor your cover to your needs.

Pet Professional


Dog Walkers:

Working with pets means both emotional and financial responsibility. The right insurance can give you peace of mind, plus your clients will know they have chosen the right professional for the job.

Pet Professional



Groomer – Mobile & Salon:

It is vital that your dog grooming business has the right kind of public liability & professional indemnity cover in case you accidentally injure or lose an animal whilst it is in your care – or if something happens to a customer or member of the public.

Pet ProfessionalEASY TO GET!  Just give us a call on (02) 8287 6515

When you get your quote, that is what you will pay – no hidden extras and fees. Plus if you find a comparable policy at a cheaper price, that price will either be beaten or you will get a refund on the paid amount.

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Equine Dentistry demand is growing

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EVDS logo


The demand for veterinarians to learn how to properly perform equine dentistry continues to increase. 29 vets endured 5 massive days under the guidance of 9 tutors at Equine Veterinary & Dental Services (EVDS), Grafton, NSW for their annual Level 1 – Essentials of Equine Dentistry Workshop.



Demand for the course was high with 8 vets missing out because the course filled so early.

Not wanting to let anyone down, Dr Oliver Liyou has added a second Level 1 Essentials workshop to the 2017 calendar to service the increasing demand of owners wanting quality dental care for their horses. Dates are 4-8 July 2017 and will again be at EVDS.

The workshop delivers a great mix of lectures, dry labs, cadaver pracs, tutorials, demonstrations and live horses.

This proven combination and sequence of lectures and pracs allows your knowledge and confidence to grow over the five days, and this reinforced knowledge and new skills WILL stay with you.




The last 2 days are entirely on live horses where you are GUARANTEED to use different sedation protocols, systematically examine 6-14 live horse mouths, perform nerve blocks, extract wolf teeth, do performance floats using hand tools and power floats, perform “bit seats”, complete dental charts, demonstrate, communicate and explain pathology to the owners – who will appreciate your efforts and attendance at the workshop.




For those vets who have already done an Intro course and are ready to increase their knowledge and practical skills further in equine dentistry, Level 2 Intermediate Equine Dentistry is being held June 19-22 2017.  Dr Oliver Liyou and Dr Shannon Lee will enlighten and inspire your confidence and enthusiasm to help you take the step towards total mastery and fulfilment from doing equine dentistry properly. This four day workshop will be smaller and more personalised than the Level 1 Essentials, allowing participants to really hone in on specific things that they’re wanting to learn.




There will be lectures, tutorials, cadaver pracs and live horse cases (needing extractions etc).
For registrants at the Level 2, Oliver will be offering mentoring to prepare them for sitting their Membership Exams in 2018 with the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Science. This support will be in the way of providing papers to study along with study sessions every 2 months.

This additional support is invaluable but there is no extra charge!

Even more good news too – EVDS will host a Level 3 – Advanced Equine Dentistry and Surgery Workshop in 2018, with an International Speaker to head up the teaching experience. Stay tuned.

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DLC Australia – Are you setting up a new animal clinic?

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Or perhaps the time has come to upgrade your veterinary hospital?

DLC Logo Here at DLC Australia, we help veterinarians provide outstanding animal care.

We supply the right tools and equipment that are essential for optimal performance and outcomes. Our extensive range includes reputable brands such as Shor-Line, Atomscope, Fire CR, ASA Laser and more. Whether you require laser therapy systems, radiography equipment or even consumables – We can help!

DLC Australia is continually sourcing new and innovative products, such as CR and DR digital systems, underwater rehabilitation treadmills and our NEW hydration product ORALADE.


Established in 1976, for over 40 years we have built a reputation on customer satisfaction by providing a fast and reliable service. Stocking quality products backed up by professional, reliable and friendly service.




With a growing demand for online ordering and customer self-service, DLC Australia took the initiative to put into place an online ordering system for the public and an extensive online ordering system for our valued veterinary clients called WebOnline. This 21st century service (DLC WebOnline) will offer our clients a complete 24/7 online service, including ordering, account management, stock availability, pricing, access to our extensive online catalogue and much more, all housed in a secure online environment. We believe our clients deserve the convenience and flexibility that DLC WebOnline will offer.

As one of Australia’s leading veterinary suppliers we are well stocked, competitively priced and readily available to assist you with your enquiries!


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Anaesthetic Machine Service Recommendations

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VetQuip logo

Author: VetQuip

Your anaesthetic machine should be maintained annually.  A leaking machine can not only pollute the environment, but also increase your operating costs. Just because your patients manage to stay asleep does not mean your machine is safe. In fact, your staff could be breathing in anaesthetic gas all day long & they wouldn’t even know. Your patients & staff deserve a safe & secure Vetquip-enews-pic-1environment.

At the time of service, our technicians will use an anaesthetic agent monitor called a Riken Analyser (picture right). The Riken is used to measure the output of the vaporiser & the readings will be documented on a report certificate. These readings are an important indication of the vaporizer output at the time of inspection. Our technician will also perform a leak & pressure test of your complete system & advise you if any components do not comply which will need to be replaced. Anyone not using a Riken Analyser during your routine service is misleading you & not providing a proper service. Calibration of vaporizers is impossible to perform “on-site” as it must be done in a controlled environment. Anyone who tells you otherwise, is misleading you.

The vaporiser is a very important component of your machine. It is important to ensure that the appropriate percentage of anaesthetic agent is being delivered. A malfunctioning vaporizer can be the cause of incorrect depth of anaesthesia and may also be the reason you “lose” a patient.

Most vaporizers on the market are considered “in spec.” if the output is within +- 15% of the dial setting. If the output is not within spec, we will recommend exchanging your vaporizer with a freshly calibrated one. Vaporisers do need to be rebuilt & re-calibrated. Depending on the type & brand of vaporiser you have, this can be anywhere from 2 years to 10 years. VetQuip can assist you with advising as to which type you have & when it will be due for rebuild.

There are several different types & brands of Vaporisers on the market available to Veterinary Practices, with the majority needing a Key Filler to fill with Anaesthetic agent. However, there are some older Pour Fill Vaporisers around which should be avoided for safety reasons. As a Pour Fill Vaporiser requires the staff member to pour Anaesthetic agent into the filler in an open environment, the risk of breathing in vapours is extremely high. Although it is not illegal to use this type of Vaporiser, it is extremely unsafe & you should stay well clear of these outdated Vaporisers.

VetQuip Vaporiser



Having a good quality efficient Rotameter is also an important item on your Anaesthetic machine. It measures the rate of flow of oxygen used for Anaesthetics. Oxygen Therapy flow meters are not a substitute for Rotameters as they are not accurate enough. They can be out of spec by as much as 20%. A Rotameter is designed for Anaesthetics with fine adjustment detail as it is a precise measuring device. If you have a therapy flow meter on your machine, VetQuip can convert it to a Precision Rotameter.

VetQuip The oxygen flush valve is used to bypass the vaporizer and delivers oxygen only to the common gas outlet. The O2 flush valve should deliver a flow rate of around 40lpm or higher depending on the quality of the flush valve & its supply line. Poor quality flush valves are a common cause of leaks as they use inferior Schroder Valves. If you have a low volume flush valve on your machine, VetQuip can convert it to a high volume unit.

Is your Anaesthetic Machine Safe?

Your Anaesthetic machine should be serviced every 12 months. Manufacturer recommendations & OH&S Standards require yearly Leak & Output checks & Safety Inspections. VetQuip offers on site Anaesthetic Service, Repairs, Inspections and a Vaporiser Exchange Program.

If your current Service Provider is not doing the following, they are not doing the job correctly.

  • Vaporiser Calibration Check- Leak & Output (Riken Analyser)
  • Calibration/Certification Certificate (Piece of mind your machine is SAFE)
  • Full Leak & Pressure Test of Anaesthetic machine & Vaporiser
  • Full Evaluation of System
  • Parts replacement as required (cost of parts additional)
  • Written Report

Your Anaesthetic machine is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can invest in. It actually generates income for your practice. If you invest in good quality equipment & maintain it correctly it will last for years to come & easily pay for itself with less downtime, happier staff & better patient outcomes.




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