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HPS Compounding are experts in veterinary compounding, partnering with veterinarians to deliver individualised therapy solutions of the highest quality.

A dedicated business division of HPS Pharmacies, HPS Compounding’s strong partnership with PCCA delivers access to over 4,560 different ingredients to customise strengths, dosage forms and flavours to meet each individual patient’s needs. Many ingredients used are sourced from the PCCA, who are a TGA licensed supplier of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and endorsed by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

Compounded Products

HPS Compounding are specialists in the delivery of customised and personalised compounded medicines to improve therapeutical success for individual animal patient care. With access to over 14,000 product formulations, HPS Compounding can create a personalised solution to meet each patient’s individualised needs. HPS Compounding aims to provide 24-48 hour turn-around for most compounded products; from receipt of the prescription at the pharmacy to delivery to the patient. There are no freight charges for compounded products delivered to metropolitan Adelaide*. All overnight deliveries to any other location within Australia incurs a $10.00 (plus GST) freight fee*.

Commercial Products

The commercial products stocked by HPS Pharmacies are human generic medications; these are being increasingly used within veterinary practices. As Australia’s leading pharmacy service provider, and one of the largest purchasers of pharmaceuticals nationally, HPS Pharmacies’ long-term partnerships with preferred suppliers delivers significant value for clients who benefit from our national purchasing power with pharmacy wholesalers.

Poloxamer Otic Gel

HPS Compounding routinely compounds pluronic gel; which has many uses and is commonly used in ears. Poloxamer is a thermo-reversible gel that is liquid when cold, and becomes a gel at room temperature. Poloxamer is non-toxic, hydrophilic, lipophilic, tasteless and mostly odourless. HPS Compounding supply poloxamer otic gel in 3ml syringes with an extended applicator tip. Poloxamer can be compounded to contain active ingredients of your choice; a common request is for an antibiotic, antifungal and steroid to be added. Poloxamer otic gel is a once per week application that improves issues associated with treatment non-compliance.

Photo: Poloxamer Otic Gel in a syringe.

Photo: Poloxamer Otic Gel in a syringe.

MD Pen

HPS Compounding offer an alternative to 1ml plain or amber syringes for the supply of transdermal medications. To order your transdermal medication in a Metered Dose (MD) Pen, simply write ‘MD Pen Applicator’ on the patient’s prescription.

  • This new MD Pen is designed to allow the pet owner to dose the medication with ease. Each pump accurately delivers 0.1ml of medication.
  • The fill capacity of each pen is 6ml.
  • The UV resistant view window is convenient and assists to maintain the integrity of the formulation.

HPS Compounding has worked closely with its veterinary clients to trial this MD Pen to ensure accuracy, practicality and ease of use for pet owners; ultimately resulting in better outcomes for patients. If you would like to sample the MD Pen, please contact HPS’ Compounding Manager – Veterinary Services via the contact details below.

Contact HPS Compounding

For further information on the products or services available to you by HPS Compounding, or to place an order, please contact Angie Talbot, Compounding Manager – Veterinary Services, on:

t: (08) 8177 8200
m: 0400 704 176
f: (08) 8375 3570
e: or

*excludes deliveries to Northern Territory, which attracts an additional freight fee.

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Why Engage in veterinary CPD?

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CAVE Clinical Skills week photo

Author: Murdoch University
April 2017

New advances in veterinary science not only bring improved outcomes for veterinary patients but also new opportunities to advance and improve your understanding, confidence, knowledge and skill base as a veterinary practitioner.

Each new drug, diagnostic test, tool and technique is a valuable opportunity to grow, expand and learn.  By engaging with continuing education throughout your professional career, you are giving yourself the opportunity to grow your personal brand, your business, your employment prospects, and to gain a competitive edge in the veterinary industry.

From long-neglected topics to your own area of avid interest, keeping up with current thinking and reviewing your own ideas is likely to equip you with new confidence and enthusiasm that can also facilitate revived passion in a given area.

Engaging in regular CPD also facilitates interaction and connectivity with others in your industry.  Networking and with like-minded professionals enables discussion around the challenges and experiences that are encountered.

Whether you’re an established veterinarian or a recent graduate, a fresh look at traditional ways can provide a renewed perspective or simply serve as a reminder of the theory behind the busy routine of daily practice.  Keeping your knowledge current by engaging in continuing education is the best way to capitalise on your future prospects.

The Centre for Advanced Veterinary Education – CAVE at Murdoch University is a reputable continuing education provider that facilitates all of the above through face to face seminars, clinical skills workshops and online educational engagement.  CAVE is committed to providing you with the very best in continuing education, to assist you to be the most confident, knowledgeable and capable veterinarian you can be.

CAVE Clinical Skills week photoThe inaugural CAVE Clinical Skills Week took place in early February 2017 and provided a range of topic areas for veterinarians to capitalise on.  Anticipated to run on an annual basis, this opportunity is sure to reach capacity quickly due to the exceptional experience practitioners enjoyed after attending the inaugural event:

Day 1 – Anaesthesia and Emergency and Critical Care
Day 2 – Internal Medicine and Clinical Pathology
Day 3 – Surgery
Day 4 – Equine and Production Animal

  • Excellent balance of information and practical tips
  • Good insight into current recommendations – good refresher
  • Great to be able to practice procedures after the theory
  • The cytology refresher was excellent!
  • Really useful and helpful course – I feel like I got a lot out of it
  • Excellent organisation. Excellent expertise in teaching staff
  • Thank you for the CAVE Clinical Skills Week. Two of our staff also attended and we all agreed that the sessions achieved their objectives in providing high quality, useful information and skills for veterinary practitioners.
  • The presenters were all first class and their selected topics were skilfully condensed to necessary facts and techniques so that practitioners left with several gems of wisdom and tips that are the cornerstone of any successful CPD activity.

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Elite Fitout Solutions – Designing For Emergency Vet Care

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Emergency veterinarian care is an integral part of running a veterinary practice. Your practice may deliver emergency care during and after hours, or only during working hours. Either way, your practice’s design should incorporate features and measures that make emergency vet care as easy and efficient as possible. After all, in Elite an emergency situation, every minute can count!


Easy Access:

A key aspect of designing for emergency vet care is ensuring easy access to your emergency treatment facilities. This can be broken down into three main areas.

You want easy access from your existing consultation and examination rooms to allow for emergency treatment for existing patients; from your reception area to facilitate treatment for new arrivals and after-hours patients; and from your storage supplies, so you can get vital items for treatment as quickly as possible. Designing to ensure easy access to these facilities may involve placing your emergency area at a central point, considering the placement and size of hallways and doorways across your veterinary practice or taking another approach that suits your premises. Mentally walking through your practice from the perspective of staff and patients may help you determine the best approach for you.


Elite Fitout Solutions



The equipment required for emergency care at your veterinary practice will differ depending on the size and types of animals you treat. Either way, it’s important that your design addresses these needs so that everything you require is present, accessible and operational at a moment’s notice.

Key equipment that may require design consideration includes oxygen and ventilators, ultrasound and ECG equipment, and other appropriate emergency apparatuses. This equipment may be permanently fixed, or it may require permanent fixtures to function appropriately. Taking this into account during your practice’s design ensures you won’t be caught out at the worst possible moment when caring for an emergency patient.

Learn More:

At Elite Fitout Solutions, our team have years of experience assisting with veterinary practice designs, fitouts and refurbishments.

Call us today on 1300 765 344 to discuss your new fitout.

Click here to check out examples of other vet practices we’ve worked on.


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