B BRAUN SPACE: stand-alone or modular infusion system

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B Braun

Author: B Braun

  • Would your staff see the benefit if both your Syringe driver and Infusion pump operated the same way?
  • Would your staff appreciate it if they could use an on-board dose rate calculator, or even select a drug from your own customised drug library?
  • Would the patients you treat benefit from an Infusion device registered with Australian regulatory authorities that delivered highly accurate, repeatable and reliable rates?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we suggest you read on.

B Braun Space



Manufactured by B. Braun in Melsungen Germany, the TGA registered Perfusor®, Infusomat® Space and Infusomat® Space P are one of our smallest, lightest and safest infusion devices offering a broad range of functionality as standard, all with a 2 year warranty.

Perfusor® Space: a syringe driver that accepts branded and generic syringes, from 2ml up to 50/60ml delivering extremely accurate dose rates.

Infusomat® Space: an Infusion Pump designed and validated safe for Colloids but will also delivery Crystalloids, UV Sensitive or Cytotoxic fluids using dedicated B. Braun lines.

Infusomat® Space P: a less expensive Infusion Pump designed for use with generic Crystalloid sets, for lower running costs. A higher accuracy can be achieved by using B. Braun Intrafix B giving sets.

B Braun Space
Space is future ready, now:

  • Design your own drug library or use our standard version
  • Externally accessed battery for easy charge and/or replacement
  • With Space Station, you can connect up to 4 Space devices in one modular unit and one power source
  • With Space Station MRI, you can keep any Space device attached to a patient, into MRI room without concern
  • Alter infusion parameters without having to stop the infusion
  • WiFi batteries available


B Braun Space

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Veterinary Practice Partners

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Your Clinic, Our Support

“Veterinarians practice the best medicine, and work most efficiently when they are not trying to juggle multiple practice management tasks at the same time as trying to focus on pet health,” affirms Dr Adam Russell, CEO of Veterinary Practice Partners.

This belief is the foundation upon which Veterinary Practice Partners (VPP) was established. Clearly it is something that Veterinarians have connected with and been inspired by, as the business has thrived, placing 27th in the Financial Review 100 Fast Starters Awards for outstanding business growth in Veterinary Practice Partners2016.

VPP forms partnerships with ambitious Veterinarians who dream of opening their own veterinary clinic, embarking on a joint venture to establish and develop a Dr Paws Veterinary Clinic. Each party has their expertise, the VPP team offering business management support services, whilst the Veterinarian partner focusses on pet care, having complete independence and control over the clinical aspect of the clinic.

The Dr Paws Veterinary Clinic family differs from traditional veterinary practices in many important ways. Great consideration is placed on clinic location, design and layout of the client environment, as well as installation of state-of-the-art facilities in order to provide state-of-the-art care.

The aim of VPP is to provide an in-depth and wide-ranging commitment that offers total support, peace of mind, cost-effective growth and manageable success to each Veterinarian partner. VPP work with the partner to build and secure their Dr Paws clinic’s role as a partner in pet care to the local community. The range and depth of the VPP management support services is great, including among others facilitating professional development, business planning, accounting, facilities management, lT implementation, marketing, purchasing and centre layout, operational guidance and support, as well as OHS management. These specialist services, coupled with the dedication and endeavour of their numerous current partners, continues to work to propel the Dr Paws Veterinary Clinic brand to the forefront of veterinary healthcare today.

Veterinary Practice Partners

Ultimately, VPP believes in working collaboratively, and that playing to one’s strengths is always the best way forward. ln this regard, they understand and respect that the best veterinarians, clinically speaking, do not necessarily possess expertise in business management. Embarking on a joint venture with VPP allows these driven, skilled Veterinarians to pursue the dream of owning their own veterinary clinic, they only need possess an appreciation and respect for the merits and role of business management.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a partner in a joint-venture Dr Paws Veterinary clinic, please contact Veterinary Practice Partners through Head Office at your convenience and in total confidence. Alternatively, download the   VPP Partnership Document for more information.

VPP Logo
PO Box 986
South Melbourne

T: (03) 9699 5972
M: 0402 775 060


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SwissPlus ID – Reducing the number of microchip syringes disposed of annually by 90%

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SwissPlus ID

A constant concern for all conscientious manufacturers and vets alike, reducing waste provides benefits to the environment and to practices.

SwissPlus ID have launched a new re-useable microchip implanting system. While SwissPlus ID syringe packs remain the professional choice, these are now available in sterile needle only packs with re-useable, ergonomic syringes. Every 30 needle packs are provided with 3 re-useable syringes in a new handy and re-useable A4 ziplock pack. That’s 27 fewer syringes used!


SwissPlus ID


Years of research have produced the very best in easy to hold, ergonomic implanters. The SwissPlus ID system includes a screw fit needle unit, multiple plungers and a stainless steel spring system for smooth and effective operation regardless of hand size.

Both sterile syringe packs and needle only packs are available with a choice of standard (12mm) or Mini (8mm) microchips in BioGlass or BioPolymer. Parylene coated for antimigration the microchips incorporate quality Swiss electronic RFID components made with patented direct-bonding and fusion technology. These devices deliver exceptional size to performance ratio and lifetime reliability.

SwissPlus ID

SwissPlus ID

SwissPlus ID


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Reduce waste 90% fewer syringes, unscrewable needle
  • Re-useable A4 ziplock pack
  • Ergonomic grip designed for all hand sizes
  • Strong precision ground, extra sharp, silicon coated cannula
  • Spring loaded, double plunger mechanism


Download brochure

Watch video   SwissPlus ID

All microchips are available un-registered or registered with either AAR or Global Micro. Competitive prices and same day despatch of microchips and scanners directly from the manufacturer. Buy online, fax or call for more details.

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