BOQ Specialist launches first everyday bank account to earn Velocity Frequent Flyer Points

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Sydney, August 2016

BOQ Specialist launches first everyday bank account to earn Velocity Frequent Flyer Points

Specialist bank cements place as one of the leading financial services provider for medical, dental and veterinary professionals

BOQ Specialist today became the first bank in Australia to offer an everyday bank account that earns Velocity Frequent Flyer Points.

The BOQ Specialist Everyday Plus account is available exclusively to medical, dental and veterinary professionals.

“The new product is targeted at supporting professionals who are at the front end of their career,” said the bank’s CEO, Dr Brett Robinson. “During that part of your working life, you are usually investing heavily in yourself, often travelling globally to attend conferences, doing fellowships or locums. The benefits of our Everyday Plus account align perfectly with that stage.”

The BOQ Specialist Everyday Plus account rewards clients with one Velocity Point for every $10 of daily average balance, calculated at the end of each month.

A client who maintains a daily average balance of $20 000 could earn enough Velocity Points in a year to take them from Sydney to Auckland.

BOQ Specialist decided to offer the product after getting feedback that many of its clients value travel rewards over more traditional banking rewards such as interest.

“We spend a lot of time understanding what it’s like to be a doctor, dentist or vet,” said Dr Robinson. “That’s at the heart of our 25 years’ of experience of delivering into that market.”

In addition to earning Velocity Points, the Everyday Plus account offers clients round-the-clock access to its Client Service Centre and 10 free ATM withdrawals from any major bank a month. Clients can access their Everyday Plus accounts online or on their mobile devices, and BOQ Specialist charges no establishment or account keeping fees.

Dr Robinson added that the partnership with Velocity was a natural fit. “Velocity has long been a great partner of ours. They’re dynamic, and they understand that our specialist culture is one of innovation, thinking outside the box and staying very close to our clients.”

“We see this as another example of being flexible and doing something quickly. Velocity’s brand, its connectivity and range of benefits are well suited to our clients.”

Clients who open and deposit funds into an Everyday Plus account between 1 August and 30 November 2016 will also go into the draw for a chance to win one million Velocity Points.

For further information and competition terms see

Buckle up... earn Velocity Frequent Flyer Points

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iM3 Oxyfresh – STOPS even the toughest pet BAD breath

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Finally, pet dental homecare made easy. Don’t just mask bad breath, safely eliminate it at the source. Oxyfresh non-toxic water additive and dental gel solution is a must-have when it comes to fresh breath and the overall dental health of dogs and cats. By the age of 3, 70% of cats and 80% of dogs have some form of periodontal disease which can take years off a pet’s life.

That’s why this innovative pet dental water additive and Gel was developed. It safely and effectively cleans pet’s teeth and gums, protecting them from periodontal disease, plaque, gingivitis and freshens bad breath in dogs and cats.

The patented blend of Oxygene® and zinc safely eliminates bacteria that causes bad pet breath. While also removing plaque build-up and protecting gums. Unlike other products, Oxyfresh pet dental water additive is completely tasteless and odourless so even the fussiest dogs or cats can’t detect it.

Buy 10 bottles, get 2 FREE!





Water (Aqua), Oxygene® (Stabilised Chlorine Dioxide️), Zinc Acetate, Sodium Citrate, Chlorophyllin-Copper Complex, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Hydroxide, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate



Finally say good-bye to pet bad breath with fast-acting Oxygene®. We don’t just mask bad pet breath, we safely neutralise it at the source.

This is the ultimate way to clean pet’s teeth, fight pet periodontal disease, and strengthen and soothe gums.

Helps reduces the risk of oral disease by providing daily advanced plaque and tartar control for dogs and cats.

Promotes healing by neutralising bacteria and hydrating the tissue for a healthier pet.

It isn’t loaded with artificial flavours or additives, it’s tasteless and odourless. It’s perfect for even the fussiest pets.

Easy to use water additive or dental gel that is applied either directly to the gumline or with the finger brush supplied.

The patented blend of Oxygene® and zinc safely eliminates bacteria that causes bad pet breath and is 100% non-toxic.





Zero harsh chemicals 100% safe for dogs, cats & other pets.

For over 30 years, USA vets have loved and recommended Oxyfresh innovative pet care products.

Oxyfresh pet products are unmatched for excellence and effectiveness and are backed by a 30-day 100% money back guarantee (minus the cost of shipping).







As a veterinarian, I see many pets that can benefit from these products. With periodontal disease being the leading disease in both dogs and cats over the age of three, these products and the Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene program is a must for all pet owners. It is easy for the pet owner to use, and readily accepted safe, and effective for pets. Pets play such an important role in the family today, so we as pet owners owe it to our dear friends to do everything we can to support them to be healthy and live longer.  Thank you Oxyfresh for making this so easy for us and giving us the great line of products!                                                                          – John Prang, D.V.M.





Id just like to share with you the success that I have had with the “THE SLEEPING GIANT.” The Oxyfresh Product Line was introduced to my small, one-person veterinary practice about 4 years ago. The Pet Oral Hygiene Solution is the best product I’ve come across in my 18 years as a veterinarian. I have countless reports and expressions of gratitude from clients hinged on their experiences with the Pet Oral Hygien Solution. “It’s so easy!” they say, “His bad breath was gone in just one week!” I’ve heard, “My kitty’s mouth isn’t as sore now and she is eating hard food again”.   Now that my practice is sold, I do relief work in veterinary offices and Oxyfresh comes with me. You just have to try it! “Seeing is believing!”                                                                                       – Dr. Debbie Beech, B.S., D.V.M.





Contact us today to place your order!



  • OFK01 Oxyfresh gel & finger brush kit 28g – $6.95 +GST
  • OF250 Oxyfresh water additive 250ml – $10.95 +GST
  • Buy 10 Bottles get 2 FREE



Tel:      02 9420 5766

Visit our website:





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Cyclo Group

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Cyclo Logo 20163 Key Considerations when planning a New Fitout or Renovation

By Mark Hornsey, Cyclo Group Construction & Fitout

1. The Main Goal of improvement works to your premises or moving to a new premises should be to attract new clients and retain your existing clients. Consider the points below when thinking about how you will achieve this.

Actual final design selection

Actual final design selection – Cyclo Group

  • How can I make the visit more convenient for clients? Consider Access, Location and Parking
  • I want my “brand” to shine through – how will I do this? This is much more than your logo on the wall – consider the friendly yet professional image you wish to create in your clients mind. It is critical to convey this accurately to your designer so they have an accurate feel for what is required.
  • How will I help the customer to feel comfortable and confident even though they may be feeling a little apprehensive?  Consider neutral colours, nice chairs, something to watch/read and good acoustic management so a noisy patient isn’t upsetting to other clients.
  • What services do I need to be able to offer to clients now and in the future?
  • Am I allowing for growth in my business so I don’t have to move again in 5 years?

2. It’s not all about the customer either.  You need a premises that’s efficient and pleasant to work in for your staff morale.

It’s a great idea to sketch out the common tasks of staff and make sure that everyday tasks are going to be simple and efficient in your layout.  You may be able to sit down with a plan and just think through how each task would be done.

Are my staff facilities comfortable and pleasant and to some degree separate to work areas so staff can have a genuine break onsite?

How can I make sure things are going to be easy to organise and very importantly – easy to keep clean and looking nice?

Remember if your business is a pleasant place to work in you will attract and keep the best staff in the industry and these same happy staff will go the extra mile to ensure your customers enjoy their visit.

3. How will you manage the process?

Colour selection process

Colour Selection Process – Cyclo Group

At Cyclo we find each customer prefers to have a different level of input into the project.  Some clients are happy for someone else to manage the whole process and would just like to walk into a finished project.  Others like to manage every detail and be an integral part of decisions right the way through.  The main thing is to choose a team who is happy to work with you on your approach.  You also need to carefully consider how much time you can allocate to the project.

We find that putting the extra time into the design stage, with actual samples and 3-D Images of key work areas is an excellent way to assist clients in making accurate decisions which don’t require major adjustments on the run.  Working with a supplier who will give accurate costs at the design stage is also a fantastic tool which helps you keep control of your project without having to micro-manage. Remember – a job well planned is half done.

To speak to our Veterinary Project Manager today, email or phone 1300 292 565

3D Photo Render of design concept

3D Photo Render of design concept – Cyclo Group

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Are Vets and Vet Nurses underpaid?

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Kookaburra recently completed a small online survey of vets and vet nurses. We asked “Do you think you are paid appropriately considering the work that you do?”, to try to ascertain the general satisfaction with wage rates in the profession.

We received 398 responses, and 91.2% of respondents felt they were underpaid.


Wendy Nathan
Kookaburra Veterinary Employment

This information includes the views and opinions of Kookaburra Veterinary Employment and is of a general nature only. Factual information is believed to be correct at the time of writing, however, should not be relied upon and any person should confirm details with the relevant authorities and through their own research prior to acting on any of the suggestions in this article.

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“Writing a Good CV” for Veterinarians

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How to write a CVA Résumé, or CV (Curriculum Vitae), is vitally important to make a good first impression, and secure an interview.

It should be:

  • Easy to read
  • Include all relevant information
  • Accurate

An employer wants to know your name and contact details, what level of experience and qualifications you have and what additional skills you can bring to the practice to make you a valuable employee.

How to lay out a CV

Your CV should be easy to read so that a potential employer can quickly find the information they are looking for.

  • Use clear headings
  • Line things up! – use tabs
  • Use bullet points or numbered lists
  • Use a standard format throughout your CV – make it match
  • When listing things in date order, put the most recent first
  • Use a clear font – don’t use a handwriting or ‘fun’ font
  • Don’t use a large font – 10 or 11 is fine
  • Optimum 2 to 3 pages long
  • Do a Spell Check and a Grammar Check!

If you aren’t very computer literate, you can use a Résumé Template in your word processing program to give you a hand, but make sure you delete any irrelevant information.

Major Headings

  1. Contact Information and Personal Details
  2. Qualifications/Education
  3. Skills / Personal Statement
  4. Previous Employment
  5. Undergraduate Work Experience
  6. Undergraduate or Non-Veterinary Employment
  7. Continuing Education
  8. Personal Interests
  9. References
  10. Additional Sections
  11. Photograph
  12. Once you’ve written your CV, DO A SPELL CHECK!

1.      Contact Information and Personal Details

Include your full name, address, contact telephone number and email address. If your Visa status or Nationality will have a bearing on your suitability for work (eg overseas qualified vets) you can include it here.

2.      Qualifications/Education

Don’t include too much detail. List the most recent first ( reverse date order). New grads can include school details but for vets qualified several years it isn’t necessary.

3.      Skills or Personal Statement

Use this section to list your skills and competencies, veterinary interests, and career aspirations. Sell yourself!

Why Should we hire You?

4.      Previous Veterinary Employment

List previous veterinary employment with the most recent first ( reverse date order). Make it easy to read and to see dates. If there are any dates where you were travelling for example, or took a ‘career break’ for any other reason, include those details too. Do elaborate (briefly) on your actual duties and any specific skills acquired.

If you have been graduated for a long time and worked at many clinics, only give additional details for the most recent.

If you have locumed for a while, you don’t need to list all your locum jobs – just give a brief summary.

5.      Undergraduate Work Experience

This only applies to new graduates, and is extremely important. List the most recent first. List the clinics that you have seen practice at, and for how long. Describe the clinic, and give a brief description of the skills that you learnt while there.

6.      Undergraduate or Non-Veterinary Employment

It’s only worth including this if you’re a new grad, or if the type of work you have done is particularly relevant to the veterinary jobs you are now applying for.

Writing a CV

7.      Continuing Education

This section is extremely important, and becoming more so as the various Vet Boards start to enforce a requirement to complete a set amount of continuing education each year. Put the most recent first.

8.      Personal Interests

Yes, this is important! Vets need to be well balanced individuals to cope with the stresses of their work life.

9.      References

If you have a written reference, attach it to your CV. Please include full contact details for your referees – nothing is more annoying than having to look them up!

It can be difficult for new graduates to get references, however, it is worth asking the practice principal where you have had most work experience to write you a reference, or be listed as a referee.

10.      Additional Sections

In addition to the basics, you may want to include more information. Put extra info between the Continuing Education, and Personal Interests sections. Examples could include professional memberships & subscriptions, and additional useful skills, including technical/computer skills, languages, community activities, volunteer experience, Awards received.

11.      Photograph

It’s a hard question, whether or not to include a photograph of yourself on your CV. Generally, if you’d like to include a photo, just use a regular passport style photo.


You're Hired


Wendy Nathan
Kookaburra Veterinary Employment

This information includes the views and opinions of Kookaburra Veterinary Employment and is of a general nature only. Factual information is believed to be correct at the time of writing, however, should not be relied upon and any person should confirm details with the relevant authorities and through their own research prior to acting on any of the suggestions in this article.

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