2020 Edition Printed Directory

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The 2020 Printed version of the Vet Suppliers Directory is now arriving at vet practices in the mail, during October and November.

This is an A to Z directory of veterinary specific products and services – if you didn’t receive your Free copy, phone Paddy on 02 6650 9092.

Access to the very best Referral services is improving for all practices across Australia – make sure you keep the Directory as a handy guide to available referral services and the facilities that they offer, as well as for contact details of a wide range of other veterinary suppliers.

2020 Directory
14/10/2019 |

CR3600 digital processor & plates

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Price $5000 ono. 

Included :

  • CR3600 unit with 4 plates (2 medium (24x30cm) and 2 small (18x24cm))

Purchased from ATX and serviced annually

XC Acquisition Software
Veterinary XC touch screen image acquisition software with enhanced veterinary anatomy, algorithms and workflow, can run on both windows7 64bit and 32 bit operating systems.

Please contact: Mikaela
Vets on Balwyn (Melbourne)
(03) 9857 8100

14/01/2021 |

Emergency Animal Diseases Guide

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A useful resource for vets has been updated by the Department of Agriculture and Australia’s Animal Health Laboratory.

The field guide provides information on important emergency animal diseases that either are rare or do not exist in Australia, to help vets include appropriate EADs in their differential diagnoses. Early identification and reporting is critical to minimise harm and to identify currently high risk exotic diseases such as African Swine Fever.

29/01/2020 |

Salary Packages

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NB: This article was written in July 2019 – please consult the Animal Care and Veterinary Services Award 2010 for up to date information and wage entitlements.

Most Veterinary Practices in Australia are subject to the Animal Care and Veterinary Services Award 2010. An Award sets minimum terms and conditions of employment. The Award is usually updated every July.

The Animal Care and Veterinary Services Award 2010 now covers Veterinary Surgeons, Practice Managers, Veterinary nurses, Receptionists, Animal attendants and Assistants, and Animal care industry inspectors.

The Award covers arrangements such as, but not limited to those below:

  • minimum wage rates
  • allowances
  • payment for extra hours worked
  • on-call and provision for a communication system
  • rosters & RDOs
  • annual leave
  • CPD – continuing professional development
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Periods of notice, redundancy
  • Clothing for work
  • Travel and use of own vehicle
  • Meal breaks
  • Sick leave
  • Maternity leave
  • Public holidays
  • Dispute resolution

The terms and conditions of the Award must be complied with by the parties covered by the Award. However, employment arrangements can operate over and above the Award eg. An employment agreement can provide for a salary ‘package’ which exceeds the minimum salaries required, thus encompassing all other entitlements such as allowances, on-call work, extra hours etc.

Veterinary Surgeons (01 Jul 2019)

Classification Minimum annual salary
Minimum hourly rate
Level 1A (graduates) 52,087 26.36
Level 1B (after 6 months) 54,952 27.81
Level 2 (after 2 years) 59,359 30.04
Level 3 (experienced) 65,227 33.01
Level 4 (senior vet) 73,665 37.28

+ on call allowance $43.64 for each period of on call duty

+ at least the relevant hourly rate for any active on call

+ 78 cents/km reimbursement for practice use of private vehicle

+ Superannuation 9.5%


Locums may be engaged and paid as a casual employee. A casual employee must be paid at the hourly rate prescribed for the class of work performed, plus 25%.

Market Salary Rates

Because the Animal Care and Veterinary Services Award 2010 sets minimum salaries and terms of employment, market salary rates can vary across the country and between practices. Keeping an eye on job adverts can be a way of getting an idea of market salary rates, but many ads don’t mention salary levels. Kookaburra Veterinary Employment has published a small survey in 2017 and the results can be accessed at

We suggest that you could ask for a written letter of offer when you are offered a permanent position, and that you could also request a Contract, or an equivalent document, when you commence work. You can consider renegotiating your salary package after 6 months, together with getting an update on how well your employer feels you are progressing in your job.

Vet Nurses / Vet Technicians and Support Staff

Rates for Vet Nurses, Receptionists, Practice Managers, Animal Attendants range from $19.49/hour for introductory level up to $26.02/hour for level 5 (Practice Manager), and there are also Saturday, Sunday, and public holiday rates specified in the Award. Casual (locum) VNs should have a 25% casual loading.

For more information

You can view the Award on the Fair Work Commission website at

If you are a member of the AVA, they provide help and advice through the AVA HR hotline – 1300 788977 or  This is possibly the best reason to be a member of the AVA – the HR service is very useful.


Wendy Nathan
Kookaburra Veterinary Employment

This information includes the views and opinions of Kookaburra Veterinary Employment and is of a general nature only. Factual information is believed to be correct at the time of writing, however, should not be relied upon and any person should confirm details with the relevant authorities and through their own research prior to acting on any of the suggestions in this article.

15/07/2019 |

AVA Return to Work Program

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AVA’s Return to Work Program has arrived and enrolment is open. It is an online self-paced learning program consisting of 5 clinical modules, 4 non-clinical modules and a practical skills guide. The program is recommended for veterinarians who wish to return to clinical practice after a career break or period of leave and veterinarians in practice and industry who are seeking a refresher.

Learners can pick and choose the modules they wish to complete in the program and if they have difficulty deciding, the self-assessment will recommend the clinical modules they may wish to consider. The non-clinical modules and practical skills guide are suitable for all veterinarians and the clinical modules are targeted at the small animal veterinarian only.

The Australian Veterinary Student Group is happy to announce a collaboration with the Australian Small Animal Veterinarians (ASAV) group. All student members who have joined the ASAV special interest group will be given an opportunity to register in AVA’s online Return to Work program. Due to the recent restrictions for students to complete extramural placements, the AVA has extended the availability of this program to student members with ASAV membership for free.

Students can choose to complete the entire program, or they can pick and choose the modules they wish to complete. Final year students may wish to select modules that will help develop much needed clinical skills. For other students interested in this initiative, participation will provide an excellent introduction to the practical skills used routinely in later and professional years.

The modules available to choose from include:

Clinical modules;

  • Module 1: Performing Medical and Diagnostic Techniques
  • Module 2: Providing Anaesthesia and Critical Care
  • Module 3: Performing Surgery
  • Module 4: Undertaking Clinical Pathology Testing
  • Module 5: Providing Medications and Therapeutic Interventions

Non-clinical modules;

  • Module 1: Getting Ready: Self-Reflection and Priority Setting
  • Module 2: Getting Ready: Practical Actions
  • Module 3: Finding and Applying for Veterinary Positions
  • Module 4: Settling into Practice Life

To find out more about the Return to Work program and the self-assessment, please visit the Return to Work page and the FAQ page on the AVA Website

02/06/2020 |
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