Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance – Get Free Puppy Guides for your Clinic!

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Help your pet parents afford the best treatment with Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance

Bow Wow Meow is one of Australia’s most trusted pet insurance providers. They are proud to have insured over 130,000 Aussie pets since 2008 and to have been awarded Pet Insurance Award Winner by Product Review for the last 5 years running!

The Bow Wow team has developed an exciting 36-page Puppy Guide, packed with practical tips & advice on puppy raising.

Awards - 2022 - Pet Insurance

Printed copies are available at no charge to give out through your puppy school and to new puppy owners. The guide also includes an offer for 2 Months Free Pet Insurance.

To find out more and register to receive a supply of Puppy Guides.

Click Here: to receive your Puppy Guides today

Bow Wow Meow Puppy Guides
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Health Considerations for Overseas Vets working in Australia

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Q fever

Q fever vaccination is recommended for all people who are working in, or intend to work in the veterinary field.
Q fever is caused by Coxiella burnetii, is a serious zoonotic disease in humans with a worldwide distribution. Many species of animals (commonly cattle, sheep, goats but also cats and dogs) are capable of transmitting C. burnetii, and consequently all veterinary staff are potentially at risk. Australia is the only country to have a licensed Q fever vaccine (QVax). Almost all, if not all, Australian veterinary graduates are vaccinated but overseas graduates, veterinary nurses and kennel staff should not be overlooked. The vaccine has been used in Australia for many years however still there are over 600 notifications across Australia annually. For more information visit


Overseas Vets working with horses in Australia should be aware of Hendra virus. Hendra virus infection in people can be fatal.

Australian Bat Lyssavirus

ABLV infection can occur after being scratched or bitten by bats in Australia. Only people who have been vaccinated against rabies should handle bats or flying foxes. For more information see


Wendy Nathan
Kookaburra Veterinary Employment
November 2017

This information includes the views and opinions of Kookaburra Veterinary Employment and is of a general nature only. Factual information is believed to be correct at the time of writing, however, should not be relied upon and any person should confirm details with the relevant authorities and through their own research prior to acting on any of the suggestions in this article.

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Use a professional information exchange tool to improve your case management.

  • Timeless is a telemedicine platform focused on Interconsultation. In other words, we are a bridge that connects clinics with leading specialists from Australia and New Zealand.
  • When you have a case that you would like a specialist opinion on, you can use the Timeless platform to request interconsultation or interpretation of images from another expert colleague.
  • This service enables you to manage the patient to a higher standard, all while keeping them under your care.

Your clinic will be able to attend a greater number of cases, and therefore increase the loyalty of your clients.

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Clio DR X-ray Solution – Why not upgrade your existing Radiography to DR?

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The Affordable DR Backfit Solution

As the detector and generator synchronise automatically by means of AED there isn’t need to modify the X-ray system or adapt the system or cable connections.



Excellent image quality due to high DQE, large dynamic range and very low noise

“Csl direct deposition” technology optimises digital signal processing and ensures excellent image quality at a low X-ray dose



Automatic image processing for optimal quality

Perfect images at all times – generally no adjustment required



With multiple plate solutions from entry level to 100 micron high definition, wireless and a DR Dental plate options.


Click Here to browse the full Clio DR Catalogue



Contact Medical PLUS

Phone: 03 9399 4987

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Its Tough Running a Practice – Have you got the right resources and support?

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Your independent veterinary practice is a vital part of your community and our industry. You not only create meaningful jobs, you also foster your local economy and support your local neighbourhood Your independence drives you towards quality and a strong client connection resulting in great patient outcomes.

But we know it isn’t always easy.

We at Independent Vets of Australia strive to support your successful independence, whatever that may look like to YOU. IVA can support your independent vet practice in two key ways:

  1. Collaboration and Expertise. IVA’s collaboration and expertise allows you to raise capabilities, be supported, achieve goals faster and have more time through the proven and tested solutions our network provides.

  2. Established and Trusted Partnerships. IVA’s partnerships give you a strong competitive and financial position, time and peace of mind through the power of our large network of practices and our established and trusted industry partnerships.

We understand how important it is to be able to access relevant and useful resources when you are running a practice and IVA Membership can do just that.

Making a positive impact

Our practice, comprising two clinics, have been members of IVA since it’s inception. The manufacturer rebates and other benefits we have access to have been excellent, beyond what we would likely have negotiated alone. Moreover (perhaps most importantly), the wholesaler rebate and overall level of service we have received from our primary wholesaler has been outstanding. What has always struck me in my dealings with the leadership and staff of IVA is their openness and willingness to try to grasp how our practice works. Their regular contact with us, and attention to the small details really counts for something in my mind, and they have always delivered a very seamless service and experience for us.”

David Fowler
North Nowra Vet Hospital & Jervis Bay Clinic

Membership connects practices of all sizes with a comprehensive portfolio of partnerships and combined arrangements that surpass what an individual clinic can achieve on their own. Strategic partnerships within the veterinary industry and thoughtful negotiations have resulted in the increased ability of practices to grow profits, enhance satisfaction around practice ownership and increase synergy around various practice functions. Independent practices need to be supported so they can be their best and continue to contribute to their local communities.

Get in touch. We’re here to help.

Are you an Independent Vets of Australia Member? Ask us today how you can Join.

 Corey Vella:      0400 659 939
Roxy Krueger: 0450 592 110


Visit IVA Instagram page below

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