Petsecure Pet Insurance – good for clients, pets & Vet Practices!

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Clients with Pet Insurance are more inclined to visit the vet to take care of their pet, and also inclined to spend more with the vet! Petsecure Pet Insurance is competitively priced, offers one of the highest benefit payments in the market place (85%), with no excesses to pay. 

Pet Insurance for your patients owners:

Petsecure is also committed to supporting Rescue Organisations that take care of abandoned and unwanted pets through the Rescue Partner programme. So when your clients select Petsecure they not only get the best cover for their pets, but they are also helping our rescue partners continue with the valuable work they do saving the lives of thousands of cats and dogs every year. Clients with rescue pets are also entitled to a 10% lifetime discount off their policy – they simply enter promo code RESC14 when they apply online.

Why Pesecure?

The specialist Pet Insurer – focused on insuring pets and nothing else!

Petsecure is one of Australia’s most experienced pet insurers specializing in arranging quality pet insurance for cats and kittens, dogs and puppies. Over the past 15 years thousands of pet owners have entrusted Petsecure to help take care of their pet insurance needs.


Generous benefit payment options – with NO excess payments:

Petsecure can pay up to 85% of eligible vet bills, with no excess payments – so your clients don’t have to worry about costly co-payments.

What’s included in Petsecure pet insurance cover?

Accident & Illness cover includes the following treatments and benefits if your pet suffers an accidental injury* and / or illness:

  • After hours emergency visits
  • Vet consults – $300 per year
  • Specialist care
  • Surgery
  • Laboratory and diagnostic tests
  • Hospitalisation
  • Radiology
  • Cruciate ligament conditions – $2,600 per year**
  • Emergency boarding fees – $500 per year
  • Overseas travel insurance
  • Multi pet discount
  • Breed specific genetic conditions
  • Lifetime chronic condition cover

Accident cover includes the following treatments and benefits if your pet suffers an accidental injury*

  • After hours emergency visits
  • Vet consults – $300 per year
  • Specialist care
  • Surgery
  • Laboratory and diagnostic tests
  • Hospitalisation
  • Radiology
  • Cruciate ligament conditions – $2,600 per year**
  • Emergency boarding fees – $500 per year
  • Overseas travel insurance
  • Multi pet discount

Contact Petsecure Pet Insurance today to order Petsecure brochures for your practice.

  • Tel: 1300 855 160



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Update on the Vet Shortage – March 2020

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A quick search online reveals that the veterinary shortage is still in the news. After a flurry of media interest in this issue in Australia at the start of 2019 following the release of several industry studies in Australia and the UK, towards the end of 2019 media outlets in the USA and Canada went on to report similar issues in those countries.

At Kookaburra Veterinary Employment we’ve crunched some more numbers to update the trends that we’re seeing in Australia.

table showing 2014 to 2019 employment stats

Of the current 398 open vacancies, 67 have been continuously advertised for more than 8 months. (2% of the total number of jobs advertised since 1st January 2018 are still currently advertised and unfilled)

In the last 3 months (December 2019, January and February 2020), 1078 jobs have been advertised.

  • 50% of these have been filled by Kookaburra,
  • 5% have been filled by other advertising, or through personal contact
  • almost 8% have been removed because the clinic either gave up looking or restructured their clinic staff to cope.
  • 37% are still available.

Only 4 practices have been advertising continuously for longer than 2 years without filling their vacancy.

Coronavirus Impact

The impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on the veterinary employment market remains to be seen. Potential outcomes could include:

  • Reduced travel for job interviews
  • A decrease in the numbers of overseas qualified vets travelling to Australia to work
  • Reduced networking opportunities if numbers at conferences and vet gatherings are down
  • Vets may put plans for job changes on hold
  • A reduction in the number of vets prepared to travel to locum
  • Delayed retirement plans
  • Economic downturn impacting on veterinary practices

Good News on the Locum Front

Fortunately, we’re currently seeing a small but promising increase in the numbers of vets available for locum work. 15% of the locums registered with Kookaburra are British graduates working to supplement their travel.
The number of locums registered for small animal work has increased by 14% in the last couple of months.

5 Year Plans

One of the questions in the Kookaburra Salary Surveys from 20171 and again in 20192 was ‘Where do you anticipate being in 5 years’ time?’. An increase in the number of vets planning to leave general practice could worsen the veterinary shortage over the coming years.

Graphic showing vet 5 year plans

table showing vet 5 year plans



Wendy Nathan
Kookaburra Veterinary Employment

10th March 2020


This information includes the views and opinions of Kookaburra Veterinary Employment and is of a general nature only. Factual information is believed to be correct at the time of writing, however, should not be relied upon and any person should confirm details with the relevant authorities and through their own research prior to acting on any of the suggestions in this article.

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Medechat – Vet care anytime, anywhere

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Attract and retain your vets by having the ability to offer flexible working. They can increase their income by working from home and you can increase your practice income by being able to provide your clients with an easy to use online video appointment, when a trip to the practice is either not necessary, or not easily accessible.

What can Medechat do for your clients?

Pet owners will appreciate having access to low cost professional advice from their regular vet, who knows their pets background and any current conditions or medications. They simply book a consultation time that suits them through the Medechat booking widget on your website. These are times that are set by you that suit your vets and your practice and payment is taken immediately at the conclusion of the consultation.

What can Medechat do for your vets?

Your vets will appreciate the flexibility of being able to work from home at times that suit them with safer after-hours services if you provide them. They simply join the consultation at the booked time and examine the pet during the video chat. A video consultation can never replace a hands-on examination of an ill or injured pet, but it can be useful for assessing remote patients, triage after hours as well as behaviour, skin and post-surgery consultations. Your vet would then complete a treatment plan that can be imported directly into your CMS. It may be an initial consultation that requires a follow up visit to the clinic which can then be organised.

What can Medechat do for your practice?

You’ll appreciate the increase in income from consultations on-line and in-clinic and the low entry cost of the Medechat platform. Keep your clients asking your vets for advice rather than Dr Google or an online service that doesn’t know their pets background or current conditions or medications. The cost of the consultation can be offset if an in-clinic examination is then required. You control the whole process with as many available appointment times as you wish and payments are made immediately at the conclusion of the consultation. Clients enter their credit card details securely when they register for an appointment so you know you are paid straight away.

Happy vets make happy pets.

If you’re serious about improving the mental health and wellbeing of your vets whilst making your practice more profitable, find out how Medechat can revolutionise the way you work today.

Contact Medechat Today!

Email: Web:

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Carestream DirectView Vita CR LE Unit

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Selling as we’ve upgraded our system, everything in full working order and fully serviced.

DirectView Vita CR LE
SN 170613052

  • 2 plates: (25cm x 30cm) and (35cm x 43cm)
  • New phosphors in plates 2018
  • New rollers 2018 by Radiology Solutions
  • Last service July 2018 by Radiology Solutions
  • Was in use until October 2019 and plates run through regularly thereafter to maintain rollers

Dell Intel core i5, running windows 7 professional
Carestream image suite version 3 (latest version)

Price: $6,500 + GST ono

Contact: Ailsa

  • Bangalow Vets, North Coast NSW

Tel: 02 5555 6990

04/02/2020 |

Idexx VetLab Station

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In Excellent Condition

  • Latest Equipment
  • Catalyst for biochemistry
  • Lasercyte for hamatology
  • Vet Lab Station
  • Cooler for Lasercyte
  • All cords and connecting wires
  • Some consumables

Price: $15000 ono
New equipment costs more than $30000

Contact Raj
Atwell-Aubin Grove Vet, WA

Phone: 08 6595 3335

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