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Petsecure is one of Australia’s most experienced pet insurers specializing in arranging quality pet insurance for cats and kittens, dogs and puppies. Over the past 15 years thousands of pet owners have entrusted Petsecure to help take care of their pet insurance needs.


Salary Packages

Most Veterinary Practices in Australia are subject to the Animal Care and Veterinary Services Award 2010. An Award sets minimum terms and conditions of employment. The Award is usually updated every July. Additional measures have been added to the Award to apply during the COVID Pandemic. The Animal Care and Veterinary Services Award 2020 now covers Veterinary Surgeons, Practice Managers, Veterinary Nurses, Receptionists, Animal attendants and Assistants, and Animal care ...


Applying for Jobs – Graduate Veterinarians

Applying for Jobs - Graduate Veterinarians

For the best chance of securing your dream job, pay attention to how you apply - from sending your CV and cover letter to following up the progress of your application, and making it through the interview process.


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