2019 Salary Survey Results – Part 2 – Gender Differences



We decided to include a question on gender in this year’s survey. 594 vets chose to answer either male or female. There was no intent to offend anyone by not including an option for a gender other than male or female; the question was optional and we were interested in whether pay rates vary specifically according to whether someone is male or female. When looking at the data, we excluded practice owners/partners, on the assumption that they wouldn’t show gender bias for or against themselves – although this may not actually be true.

The results show a difference of about $4 an hour in the median hourly rate for full time vets between males and females, which is 10%, and means a difference in the calculated annualised salary of $7,904. This difference persists in most categories of both experience, and number of years since graduation.

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Gender vs Job classification (2)

Gender vs Job Classification

Gender vs Experience - Full Time only

Gender vs Experience level

* Key to Self-Assessed Experience Level

  1. Has broad theoretical knowledge, requires a more experienced vet to be available for discussion for consults/medicine, and guidance for surgery most of the time
  2. Confident for consults, requires guidance for surgery/procedures most of the time
  3. Confident for consults and routine surgery and seeks guidance for new procedures
  4. Confident for consults and routine surgery, able to work sole charge regularly
  5. Confident for consults, surgery, sole charge, and after hours emergencies
  6. Has or is working towards post graduate qualification in medicine, or other non-surgical qualification
  7. Has or is working towards post graduate qualification in surgery or ECC
  8. Has additional qualifications, supervises and teaches less experienced vets
  9. Has or is working towards specialist qualification
  10. Experienced in non-clinical / Industry roles


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2nd September 2019


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